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Bidule 170 - What we've learned - Build thread, Len

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  • mufflers on and ready to run motor.. have to get breakin fuel mixed up and final balance still to do but it seems to be working out as is will know more when i can get it together and check


    • maiden went well.. i did have to tighten the servo save much more than i had it but even the way it was it still would respond and turn given forward movement and some area to taxi..

      needed a bit more down elevator for full flaps but it is a solid flyer with kite like for many flights to get my thumbs used to it and get the motor broken in and adjusted more.. no issues to report

      thanks for the upgrade details here see you guys soon..


      • Congrats Joe! Looks awesome!
        Kevin K

        Kremer Aerotowing Team


        • Well done Joe.

          Just fly the heck out of it.
          Len Buffinton
          Team Horizon Hobby


          • les powell and myself are taking turns flying the bidule to get both time on the motor and feeling for the big bird.

            so far i only find it different to land than my other gas burners. with flaps it is like a parachute is behind it.... have to be careful to carry some power until over the runway end then it lands like a baby with a wheelie for as long as i want with a touch of power.

            i have found the need for brakes and im working a solution to that already. i have springs with bronze washers that press against the wheels on the outside using the long axle as an attachment point. ready to assemble it and give it a try. on paper it looks ok we shall see. similar to the concept of the 3d white wheels with disc brake that adjusts to friction on the disc for stopping roll out. this should do the same with less parts and trouble...........the spring slips over the machined alum motor stand off cut to 1/2" from end bell to wheel hub with one washer hysoled to the wheel hub and the other hysoled to the spring end. the friction is adjusted by cutting the spring off at the outer end that rides on the turned larger diameter of the stand off that normally goes against the firewall.......i have tapped that end for set screw to hold to axle but thinking i may drill it through and use cotter pin........

            keep you posted if all goes well..


            • My Bidule 170 is a taildragger so I don't have to fuss with servo savers and such. I use the hydraulic brakes from gunny and they work pretty good.


              • post a pic when you can.. love to see a mod taildragger version..


                • Loved reading your description of flying the Bidule is a great airplane and glad to see you enjoying it. And a lot of sailplane pilots will enjoying going to altitude behind it too!!!
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