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  • SoCal Monthly Aerotow

    SoCal sailplane pilots: The Palomar RC Flyers club has allowed us to have an aerotow on the first Saturday of each month. AMA is required. They DO NOT SUPPLY A TOW PILOT. So if you want to join in the fun and you have a tow pilot bring him/her. Contact me Jim Gallacher at to see if a tow pilot is going to be in attendance. So if you are bringing a tow pilot contact me so I can relay the info to the rest of you that contact me. It is usually attended by 4 to 6 pilots so we have more room. The directions to the field can be found at
    Jim G

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    January 4th the first Saturday of the month aerotow was another success. 70 deg and no wind. However we had an inversion which was a problem if you got low. Had 6 aerotow gliders and a a couple of electrics. We do it again on February 1st.


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      No photos?!
      Kevin K

      Kremer Aerotowing Team


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        Sorry NO PHOTOS. I get involved and forget the good stuff. Will try to fix that Feb 1st.


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          Saturday the 7th of March is the next aerotow. We have Don VanGundy with his Biddle on tow. Big sailplanes welcome.


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            The monthly aerotow has been canceled fir the time being.