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What to use as a tug for my Hemple 50% KA6 ?

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  • What to use as a tug for my Hemple 50% KA6 ?

    Guys, I have a used Bill Hemple 50% KA6 glider, and need a tug to get it in the air. I'm thinking of buying a Hangar 9 FX-3 Cub, and using a DLE 222 engine. I know Ali at Horizon has used a similar setup, and I think someone else has built something similar. Is this airplane/engine combo a reliable tug? If you have other ideas of a good tug for large gliders, please let me know what you would recommend.

    Larry Fitch

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    OK, dumb me! After posting the above question, I see that Scott Marnock has a thread where he assembled one, and built a wonderful model. Nice job. My question remains about the power level needed to tow a 50% glider, if there is something else available. Scott has towed my KA-6 up with his DA-170 powered Bidule-170, but they don't seem to be available any longer.


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      I have a Bidule 170 for sale........DA 170 with tuned pipes, it will tow anything that is built.
      Marc 407.579.0087 call or text..