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Dustin's Telemaster 40 tow release modification

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  • Dustin's Telemaster 40 tow release modification

    Don't worry, the Skylark project is still very much alive! I was recently visioning flying my brand new, beautiful Skylark and having a wonderful time. Then I had a vision of aerotowing it for the first time and my vision turned into a nightmare. I don't have much experience aerotowing, so my nightmare is catching a wingtip with the first aerotow of the Skylark and destroying it. I decided I need to cut my aerotowing teeth on airplanes I care less about.

    Step 1. Get a tow plane.
    I already fly a Telemaster 40. It's been on my list of things to do to put a tow release in it, so that's what I've done. I looked at the other threads about towing with a Telemaster 40 and came up with a plan for my tow release. It's a different from the other installs I've seen. Other installs have the tow release servo installed near the CG and using a bell crank. My Telemaster 40 is powered by an OS 56 Four Stroke, so the servo rails near the CG are full (throttle, elevator, rudder). Now, I already have the battery and receiver as far aft as possible to balance the airplane, so I don't think it will be a big deal installing the tow release servo behind the CG. I can just move my battery/receiver forward and still get things to balance. So that's what I've done.

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    Don't pass up on consulting the doctor... He's walked this path in great detail! Have a blast, it is incredibly satisfying when your flights have a purpose and supply a service.


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      You're absolutely right. All plans were doctor approved.

      Here is the finished modification. Stay tuned for step 2, build a Sig Riser .

      Click image for larger version

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