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2015 SeptemberSoar Treffen Aerotow Vermont, Sept 17-20

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  • 2015 SeptemberSoar Treffen Aerotow Vermont, Sept 17-20

    Green Mountain Thermal Corps presents the
    2015 SeptemberSoar Treffen Aerotow in Vermont
    Bristol, Vermont
    Thursday, Sept 17 - Sunday, Sept 20, 2015

    ALL ENTRANTS must go to >> CONTACT US link at the bottom of our website.

    And submit the following:
    Email: Your email
    Subject: SeptemberSoar 2015
    Description: Name, Address, Phone Number AMA number and 2.4gHz or AM or FM channel. Planning to camp? Please let us know camper size. Current AMA membership is required to fly. No campfires due to possible hazards to farm property.
    Entrants Sailplane(s), Tug(s) Days Dinner People
    Soarntz Blanik, ASW 27 Fri-Sun Y 1
    Bob M Bidule 170, ASH-31mi, Arcus, Ventus, MDM Fox, and Orlik II (possibly 100cc Carbon Cub) Fri-Sun Y 4
    Len B BIG sailplanes, Bidule 180, Carbon Cub 150 Fri-Sun Y 2
    Thompson Ka8b, Rad'ster Bergfalke Fri-Sun Y 2
    Marc B 1/4 Cherokee, Ka8b, Arcus 2.25m Fri-Sun Y 2
    Matt G ASW 20 Fri-Sun Y 1
    Matt Paratech Cirrus V-Tail Fri-Sun Y 1
    Gunny 1/3 233, ASW 20, 1/4 126 Fri-Sun Y 2
    Rick " " Fri-Sun Y
    Scot Let Ventus, Baudis Anteres, H-Model Arcus Fri-Sun Y 3
    Dan Multiplex Cularis, Multiplex Easy Glider Fri-Sun Y
    Cathy Canon DSLR, crisp Vermont Apples Fri-Sun Y
    Jeff D ASW 20, Blanik, Cularis, Canon 60d DSLR Fri-Sun Y 1
    Csessa Sailplanes Fri-Sun Y 1
    M Alain Sailplanes, Tug Fri-Sun Y 1
    D Chamberlain ASH26, Fox, DG800 and a Lunak Fri-Sun Y 2
    Dave P Sailplanes, 35' trailer, Channel 49 72.770mHz Thu-Sun Y 2
    John B. Ottawa, CN 2.4gHz Fri-Sun Y 1
    Tom M. ASW 20, Blanik, 2.4gHz Fri-Sun Y 2
    Rob B. From Ottawa, 2.4gHz Fri-Sun Y 4
    Steve R. 2.4gHz Thu-Sun Y 1
    Gudmund T. 2.4gHz Thu-Sun Y 2
    Brian B. 2.4gHz Thu-Sun Y 2
    Aurele A. 2.4gHz, 6M ASH-26, 5M Alpina Thu-Sun Y 2

    ​Poster: our very own Josh Teague piloting a Schweizer 2-32 above Sugarbush, Vermont circa 1990s.

    High-res version of the poster available here

    RC Aerotow. Soaring. Thermals.

    Enjoy fall foliage, mountains, thermals and a great location for soaring nestled right at the base of Hogback Mountain in Bristol, Vermont. Share the skies with our trusty mascot Red Tail Hawks hunting lift at the 2015 SeptemberSoar Treffen Aerotow.

    Any RC sailplane that can be aerotowed and electric powered sailplanes are welcomed. Please no winches.

    Tow Donation Fee: $30.00 for four days or $10 per day.
    Dinner is included and served Saturday night. Lunch will be available to purchase. Camping is available at the field, no services.

    Spectators are encouraged to view and are FREE !

    ALL ENTRANTS must go to >> CONTACT US link at the bottom of our website.

    And submit the following:
    Email: Your email
    Subject: SeptemberSoar 2015
    Description: Name, Address, Phone Number AMA number and 2.4gHz or channel. Planning to camp, please let us know camper size. Current AMA membership is required to fly.

    To pre-pay for the event
    Visit our website and pay now using PayPal
    Pay at the event when you check-in.

    B&B's nearby with local restaurants within a short drive.

    Door prizes, awards and cool stuff at the event.
    Stay tuned for all new designed swag available soon on our CafePress Store.


    Cheers, Thompson

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    Just like last year, I've gone bonkers again and designed something entirely new for the 2015 September Soar Treffen in Vermont. Hope ya'll like it.

    The featured sailplane is a real Schweizer 2-32 SG piloted by our very own Josh Teague! If you look closely, he's in the cockpit looking back at the camera (photo shot from another sailplane over Stowe/Morrisville, VT area sometime in the 1990s).

    All the new swag, clothing and gear is available on our Vermont club's new store through Zazzle. When possible, I've selected Made in the USA clothing by American Apparel of SoCal. This is really important after watching a documentary of how clothing is made overseas… (see ). The quality (surprise!) is better than any other normal T-shirt I've owned.

    Each piece by Zazzle in NorCal is custom made to order clothing. The darker color shirts will look the best and wear the longest. I don't make anything on these. I'm totally glad to help out our Vermont club with my donated designs and all the time setting this up. All proceeds from Zazzle sales (min 5% royalty) goes directly to our Green Mountain Thermal Club. Enjoy.

    Cheers, Thompson*

    Quick shout out to our sponsors this year!

    Here are some samples.


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      COOL Logo, Thompson.


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        Looks really cool. I am planning to attend again this year. Room reserved at a B & B about 15 minutes away. Plan to be in "Area earlier in week to do some "Touring" and a Sailplane ride at Sugarbush


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          You going to see Gina, Dave! 1 stay was not enough
          Send her my..........Ahhh forget it

          Jeremy and Ben
          SCCAAA TT TN


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            Not this time...found a place 15 minutes to the North.... AND, I did not detect a "Jersey" accent

            If I see Gina, I'll be sure to give her your regards!


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              Actually never again!


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                Ditto, maybe I can join you again next year!

                Jeremy and Ben
                SCCAAA TT TN


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                  Is there a list of nearby hotels/B&B's? There used to be, I think. A few newer folk are asking.



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                    Here is a list of places to stay, all within 15-20 min drive of the field.

                    Hidden Garden's Bed/Breakfast
                    693 Lewis Creek Rd
                    Hinesburg, VT
                    (802) 482-2118

                    Kirriemuir Heights Bed & Breakfast
                    656 Highland Way
                    Ferrisburgh, VT
                    (802) 425-3100

                    Inn at Baldwin Creek
                    1868 N 116 Rd
                    Bristol, VT
                    (802) 453-2432

                    Crystal Palace Victorian Bed & Breakfast
                    48 North St
                    Bristol, VT
                    (802) 453-7609

                    Emerson Guest House
                    82 Main St
                    Vergennes, VT
                    (802) 877-3293

                    The Inn At Charlotte
                    32 State Park Rd
                    Charlotte, VT
                    (802) 425-2934

                    Crossroads B&B
                    4571 Ethan Allen Hwy
                    New Haven, VT
                    (802) 453-5958

                    The Crossroads B&B is highly recommended, make your reservation soon.

                    Click for map to flying site

                    Click for Middlebury Tourism

                    Click for Bristol Tourism

                    Click for Burlington Tourism


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                      I'm at one of the two rooms at the Hidden Gardens.... Arriving earlier in week and doing some lazy sight-seeing.


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                        Thanks for the Tourism links!


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                          Steve dot com recommends

                          - Otter Creek Brewery
                          - Otter Creek Bakery
                          - Woodchuck Cider Tasting Room
                          - Magic Hat Brewery
                          - Switchback Brewery
                          - Fiddlehead Brewery
                          - Shelburne Vineyards
                          - Jessica's Restaurant at the Swift House Inn

                          Do we notice a trend?
                          Team PowerBox Systems Americas... If flying were the language of men, soaring would be its poetry.


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                            Originally posted by Steve P View Post
                            Do we notice a trend?
                            Yes...they all have dash before them


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                              This place is great.


                              Len Buffinton
                              Team Horizon Hobby