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2021 Cumberland Summer Soar for Fun ~ July 15-18

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  • 2021 Cumberland Summer Soar for Fun ~ July 15-18

    The 9th Annual Cumberland, MD Summer Soar for Fun will be held at the HighPoint Aviation Airfield (3 miles south of Cumberland near Ridgeley, WV) on July 15-18, 2021.

    Directions to the field can be found on the website under the "Directions" pull-down tab.

    Landing fee will be $20.00/day or $60.00 for all four days of the event.

    *** Click Here to Register***

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    perfect pictures.. cant wait to come join in see you soon


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      Fairfield Inn Cumberland

      Janet has been able to block some rooms for this event, but you must make a booking by no later than June 28th!
      Please do not call me, but make the booking directly with the Hotel!

      The Model Box Shameless Commercial #1

      OK guys, so you can get a discounted room and save money to spend with The Model Box!
      If you are in need of anything please call the shop 205 978 8787!


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        We are getting a lot of requests to camp at the airfield this year. Several people have been regular campers over many years, but the facility is not able to support many campers.

        My goal in developing this site was to provide an airfield with indoor space to serve as a weather shelter during the day, to prepare and serve lunch, and to provide storage space for aircraft at night. There is NO public water, sewer, power, or trash removal. Making this facility into a camping area would require an additional investment of many thousands of dollars and we have no plans to do this.

        For those that have asked about are the issues:

        1. NO level parking areas. Camper spaces are basically along the driveways around the buildings. More than six campers significantly block access to the buildings and movement of vehicles. Those spaces have been fully utilized at every event the last few years.

        2. NO water and sewer. We have a cistern that collects and stores rain water, but we do not consider it suitable for drinking. The only sewer is a holding tank that we pay to have pumped as needed.

        3. NO 110 volt AC power. This is an off-grid location, so there are no public 110 volt AC power hookups. Power for the buildings is generated by Solar Panels and a Propane Gas Generator feeding a battery bank for power storage. This is only adequate to support the power needs of the buildings. We do not offer charge stations for radio equipment.

        4. NO trash removal. There is no dumpster or trash service to the airfield. Our only option is to take trash home and put it out with our regular collection. There is no way to accommodate large amounts of trash produced by all the attendees of these events, so each person most take care of their own needs.

        5. BEARS are numerous bears in the area now and have been attracted to our property by food! Please keep food in sealed, bear-proof containers.

        While we want people to came and enjoy the facility, we also want people to understand what the facility is designed for.

        There are camp grounds in the area:

        Home (

        Camping & Cabins (

        Camping Destination in Ridgeley, WV | Eagle's Nest Campground (
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          and with limited parking area around the flying site i find a motel to be a solid option for cumberland.. plenty of others venues to camp at and fly elsewhere.. looking forward to flying off the mountain top and gathering more knowledge every trip. trailer is being loaded this week with many wonderful planes to enjoy your facility and kindness.

          thanks to jim for all he does for this hobby caring for high point so well


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            A couple that own property adjacent to ours got this picture on their trail camera...the bear upset the barrel that was catching rain water. This is about 100 yards from the edge of the flying field.

            Click image for larger version

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              Several of us were camping at the field last June and this young bear kept coming around to see if we were going to be a food source. Way to close and curious!!!

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                A neighbor, who keeps track of the local bear population, says that there were seven bears that he could individually identify. This spring, one of the females had two cubs so now there are nine bears living nearby. Gunny and I were working on the road about two weeks ago and watched a large bear cross the road about 400 feet from us. It didn't want anything to do with us and just kept going.
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                  So this is a Bearotow event?


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                    Only tow planes permitted are Cubs

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                  Originally posted by Steve P View Post
                  Only tow planes permitted are Cubs
                  Ugh!!!!! Too much?


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                  Daily Lunch

                  We are planning to serve a $5.00 light lunch Thursday-Sunday at about 12:30pm.
                  • Thursday - Burgers and potato salad
                  • Friday - Cold cuts (Ham, Turkey, and Roast Beef plus Swiss, Provolone, and Pepper Jack Cheese) and Chips
                  • Saturday - Hot Dogs and Baked Beans
                  • Sunday - Pizza
                  Cold bottled water will be available all day each day, and a plastic bottle recycle container will be available.

                  Other snacks and drink choices will be up to the individual. Please take wrappers and containers with you as we have no trash service at the field. Also keep in mind that food smells attract bears, so if you bring food items have sealed containers to keep them in.

                  Registration List ***Click Here to Register***

                  Len B
                  Gunny B
                  Brian C
                  Bruce D
                  Jim D
                  Jeff D
                  Dave H
                  Jeremy H
                  Tim K
                  Tom K
                  Kevin K
                  Steve K
                  Michael L
                  Bill L
                  Joe L
                  Matt L
                  Tom M
                  George M
                  Robert M
                  Joe N
                  Steve P
                  Burt PR
                  Les P
                  Don R
                  Stephane R
                  Erich S
                  Peter S
                  Conio S
                  David S
                  Gunnar S
                  Max W
                  Nelson W

                  (This list will be updated daily within this post.)
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                    The Model Box Shameless Commercial #2

                    Only 2 weeks to go, if you need anything brought to the event, please let me know as soon as possible!
                    We do have NX6, NX8, NX10 and ix20's in stock, including the hard to get Eflite Draco, I will bring an assortment of products, such as Receivers, Batteries, Chargers and BNF Models. you can call me at the shop 205 978 8787. You guy's who have already placed and order can rest assured
                    it has been placed aside for loading, I will arrive Wednesday afternoon!


                    SCC AAA TT TN


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                      The Model Box Shameless Commercial #3

                      Just one week to go, I'm starting to put aside all orders ready for the trip! Please be aware that if you are in need of something that we do not have in the shop, tomorrow 12pm EDT will be the last chance for us to order product! Thank's to all of you who have placed orders.
                      I plan to arrive Wednesday afternoon, travel safe and see you on the mountain


                      SCC AAA TT TN


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                        Cumberland is less than a week away! Here's a video from the Spring event to help get you hyped!

                        Kevin K

                        Kremer Aerotowing Team


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                          The Model Box Shameless Commercial #4

                          Just in the nick of time, we have the new Spektrum ix20 Special Edition arriving on Monday, I will have a few units with me if anyone is interested in one, please let me know! If there is anything else you need to be brought to Cumberland call the shop
                          205 978 8787.


                          SCC AAA TT TN