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Horizon Hobby Aerotow- A great event is about to get even better.

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  • Horizon Hobby Aerotow- A great event is about to get even better.

    Since the glider port has closed in Monticello IL, the Horizon Hobby aerotow was forced to move to the AMA site in Indiana. Due to the overwhelming demand for the HH presence at different events across the conrtry, it has become impossible to guarantee a complete staff for the aerotow. At the risk of loosing the event all together, a group of us have taken the event over and plan to build this annual event into a must attend for everyone.
    I'll be the CD for our event and Jim Dolly and Pete "Mr Top Gun" Goldsmith are providing a ton of logistics for the event. We need pilots to attend and support the event. We plan to rename the event next year to something we can grow with, so start thinking now.

    Lets get out to the event and have a BLAST....

    There will be multiple tug running all day, so show up ready to fly....

    More to come very soon, Jim will be providing the details on amenities.

    See you all there and thank you to everyone who has contacted me with support offers , its is truly appreciated.


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    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby

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    Done! Paypal on the way

    Will be more than glad to help in any manner

    Horizon Hobby Team Member


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      I registered and indicated I would pay with PayPal but it didn't take me to the PayPal site.

      Never mind. The registration confirmation email had the PayPal instructions.
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      Rick Shelby
      Team Horizon


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        Thank you Rick
        I'll look into it.
        Len Buffinton
        Team Horizon Hobby


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          Hi Len,

          Are all previous registrations still effective? I signed up two of us in February and paid.

          We'll be glad to help out!

          Rosenthal Models USA
          Bruce DeVisser
          Brian Chan


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            Hi Bruce,
            Absolutely. I have all the records and I confirm you are signed up.

            Looking forward to seeing you there Bruce.
            Thank you for your support.

            Len Buffinton
            Team Horizon Hobby


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              Wish I could attend this year. Started a new job with a new company on the 1st so need to accrue some vacation.


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                I'm ready to go!


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                  Of all the aerotow events around the USA, the annual Horizon Hobby event at the Illini Glider Club field in Monticello, Illinois was unique in that it routinely attracted pilots from both coasts and everywhere in between! The loss of this venue was and is a great loss to the fellowship it offered to those in the aerotow community.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  After considerable reflection, no one wanted to see this unique gathering come to an end, but where could a central location with wide open space be found? Where could the event be held that would likely be available year after year for the next many years? Where could the tradition of this event continue on for the next generation of enthusiasts?

                  The answer seemed obvious, the AMA IAC!

                  Check out this video tour of the facility:

                  Peter Goldsmith invited several of us to do a demonstration of giant scale sailplanes and aerotowing at the Soaring Nats in July, 2017. Len Buffinton, Pete George, and I were able to go and were rewarded with a fabulous summer evening of flying and a very receptive audience. The AMA IAC field is huge, wide open, and beautiful.

                  Having had to opportunity to fly there, I was very enthused to hear that the Horizon event had found a new home...but would they come???

                  Looks like we have the answer, the registrations have been pouring in!!!
                  A Site for Soar Eyes


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                    Now for the logistical side. Events take planning and a team of folks willing to do that planning. They also require service and people willing to serve.
                    Any one that wants to help is more than welcome, let us know!

                    Len stepped forward to be the event CD

                    Having the experience of hosting 3 aerotow events per year at my airfield (HighPoint Aviation airfield near Cumberland, MD), and being retired with lots of time on my hands (LOL). I volunteered to handle registration duties at the event plus coordinating with the AMA staff for facilities at the, shade, toilets, field setup, etc.

                    AMA offers equipment and vendors for events such as ours and have made my job very easy, a big THANK YOU to Joyce Hager and Yolanda Jones for their help!

                    A food vendor will be on site each day from about 11:00am - 2:00pm. Menu will include hamburgers, cheese burgers, hotdogs, chili dogs, brauts, French fries, onion rings, chips, soda, water, AND ICE CREAM!!!

                    We are assigned to Areas 5&6 and will have a 20'x40' tent with tables and chairs for a registration area, shade during the day, a gathering place, and a place to eat. There will also be a golf cart to help with transport of planes and other items as needed.

                    While on site, you really want to take the opportunity to visit the AMA Museum. Maybe a rain shower will give us that opportunity (looking at the positive side).

                    Okay, any questions???

                    A Site for Soar Eyes


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                      will there be any overnight storage area for the gliders to be placed in.. just asking ahead....


                      • lenb
                        lenb commented
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                        We're not planning on overnight storage. There is possible a small cargo trailer for storage of tugs, but due to unpredictable weather patterns, leaving sailplanes set up under a big tent may not be the best option. Its best to take your pride and joy apart late in the evening and tuck her away for the night. The low key nature of these events allows for a relax assembly environment each morning. Rather enjoyable if I do say so.

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                      I registered already last fall and hotel reservations made last month...all set for Muncie..


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                        Len or Jim,

                        I believe I registered and sent a check to Craig when registration first opened ... can you confirm for me, please?



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                          Hi Tom
                          yes I have the funds you sent

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                          Len Buffinton
                          Team Horizon Hobby


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                            This event sure sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks to all the people that are working hard to make it happen. I won't be able to make it this year, but I've added it to my bucket list.