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Paritech 8.88m DG-1000 first flight and OOPS

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    Originally posted by Paul Thomas View Post
    Hello Parallax and friends,

    sorry for a late reply, I am on holidays in Brisbane working on my real Auster J5G. A much later version of the Taylorcraft. I will include some photos.

    The video was done using a Insta 360 one X. You set the camera in the model and the panning is all done in the editing. Even a dummy can make good videos.
    As for speed runs or aerobatics I haven’t really explored the aerobatics however speed flybys with this one is a bit of a non event. I believe the model is one of the first few made by Paritech, it has a very high lift airfoil with an under camber for most of the wing. No flaps just the high under amber. I have flown a high speed pass and I will add the GPS data of that. Flat out it only attained 100 kts ( maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough ) and when the nose was lifted it slowed down very quickly. Not like my Paritech ASG29 6 meter, its a real speedster.
    Yes your right it is Al Lisaili.

    Wish you all strong thermals,

    Thanks for that; ordered one :^)


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      A crosswind landing with the buildings off your left / behind (and the resulting turbulence) is a good one :^)