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Bidule 111 vs. 170 - larger scale sailplanes?

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    I have a DA drill jig and I use the same holes that are used for the 150. Having said that, before you drill into an expensive prop, double and triple check it. Also, if you are using a spinner, you have to make sure the orientation is correct or you will have a mess. The back plate, the cone and the prop must all be set up properly as far as orientation. Mejzlik carbon spinners, like what I have, come cut for the prop but not drilled. It's like a mini puzzle! The spinner cone isn't even drilled. Some have bought their spinners from Falcon props. Len is a big user of their props and could possibly chime in.

    I actually copied what others in this group use for a prop on the DLE 170 and the S props are reported to be a little quieter. The tips are a bit swept back compared to others. It's a sexy propellor to to say the least! I have had great results with that prop. I have always been a fan of 3 blade props even when I flew biplanes for aerobatics.



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      With a 170, you can use a slightly bigger prop than that if you wanted.
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        The Budule 111 built by Jim and running a DA100 was a champ at the recent Cumberland Summer Soar. A great performer up to and including the 6.6 meter Arcus models.

        The rumored return of the #2 Bidule "120" is well on the way to completion. Wings done, tail done, fuselage reinforcements in place, recycled motor mount box installed, all the servos in the fuse, gear all set and ready to mount. No more progress for the next couple weeks due to work and travel, but then it's just a big push to make-up the headers and tubing leading to the tuned pipes, install wing clips, final assembly and radio programming.

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          Love the balsa triangle stock!