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Moki for my Wilga?

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  • Moki for my Wilga?

    Hey all,
    So I've been building the 3.2 meter Frisch Wilga Jeremy had up for sale at Cumberland. The build is progressing pretty well and the kit is going together nicely.

    I'm trying to decide on engines.
    I figured i would do the DLE 120CC 2-stroke but a few people have suggested Moki's 150cc 5-cylinder radial. I love the sound but man:
    1. expensive
    2. more maintenance
    3. can't find one for sale??!

    The wilga is the perfect platform to put a Moki in but part of me thinks it may not be worth the extra possible issues.
    What do you guys think? Click image for larger version

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    Just to throw one more option at you, I've been really happy with the DLE 130 in the Swiss Pawnee. It's 10 more!
    Kevin K

    Kremer Aerotowing Team


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      if you plan to tow with the Wilga go with the twin. There’s a lot of friction in a multi cylinder engine hence not as much power as the displacement would suggest. Then there is the maintenance. If you’re just wanting to putz around an argument for the Moki certainly could be made.

      While you’re at it, consider replacing the gas shocks for the landing gear with the spring versions from WEMO. Those gas shocks last about a year if you’re lucky and the ones you have may already be bad based on the age of the kit. (AMHIK)

      Also, check with Bruce DeVisser at Rosenthal models USA. He is the US WEMO distributor and may have the shocks in house.

      You’re going to love the Wilga. Keep it light.
      Asher Carmichael
      Senior Member
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        Twin for the win. You’re in this for towing and probably far less to impress the natives.

        Share a build thread. People love the Wilga …. or are afraid to confess their love.
        Team PowerBox Systems Americas... If flying were the language of men, soaring would be its poetry.


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          Thanks for the great comments/info guys!

          Asher-this is your kit, isn't it? It's like 10 years old right? EDIT: Thanks for the link! I've heard the struts are a weak point. The ones on mine are not blown out...yet. I'll probably just order the upgrade

          So I think a 5-cylinder was just a momentary infatuation. It would be cool. Tinkering with an engine is fun but not when you are at the field!
          I will stick with a twin. Kevin, I think that 130 fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for suggesting that.

          Steve, I considered a thread and probably need to start one, especially when it comes to getting the engine installed. I'll need some advice for sure.
          Do the 130's, etc need to be mounted with the slight 3-degree angle to make up for torque? The Frisch kit comes with a motor mount with that angle built in, but it's made for a King 100 or something lke that....Most twins spin the prop in the same direction right?
          I'm pretty green when it comes to engines on the front of planes. As you all know, I'm almost exclusively a glider guy and any power tends to be in the form of EDF or one of you guys dragging up one of my overweight pigs...

          FYI- Moki's will be even harder to find now b/c the US importer doesn't work with the company anymore due to "ethics and business practices"
          Senior Member
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            All the motors will spin the prop in the same direction, so the thrust built into the firewall will be fine. The 130 is a great engine, the only issue is it needs slightly more prop than the 120 and it tends to rip at full throttle. I went with a Mejzlik 3 blade 27x12TH and its not any louder than any of the 2 blades we run.
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            Kevin K

            Kremer Aerotowing Team


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              “Asher-this is your kit, isn't it? It's like 10 years old right? EDIT: Thanks for the link! I've heard the struts are a weak point. The ones on mine are not blown out...yet. I'll probably just order the upgrade”

              Pete, my notes show it was delivered early March 2014. Enjoy.


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                Hi Pete,

                A twin is a great choice, especially since you lack experience with gassers. I suggest you use a small (e.g. 4 ounce) header tank on top of your main fuel tank to avoid fuel starvation on steep descents. If you need a diagram let me know.

                When you are ready I can get you a set of the WEMO suspension units - just need to know your all-up model weight. The folks that are using them love them!

                If you are planning to glue the windows in (other option is a lot of tiny screws) Jeremy has some great Deluxe Materials clear adhesive for this. I used it on the 1:3 Wilga I built in 2020.

                FYI the new owner of Frisch will not export kits or parts. If you ever need something I can help you get it, just have to pay the VAT.

                Bruce DeVisser


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                  Pete, I've seen this size Wilga powered by a DA-150, and worked well as a tug, and a similarly sized Tomahawk Wilgs powered by a MOKI-250 (Joe's Wilga in this section of the forum) and it did very well too. The MOKI powered model was very scale and weighted a bit, but would tow my Hemple KA-6 (50%er) up quite well.


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                    pretty solid deal on da150 non L style if your looking. i think the non L has more beef around the crank and case.


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                      Pete, You’ll likely need brakes on your Wilga if you go with anything larger than a 120. I had a 3.5 Wilga 2000 with a DA150 and it would not stand in place at idle. This was before brakes were common and although it wasn’t a deal breaker it required a bit of gymnastics. On the other hand it would tow a wheelbarrow full of concrete.