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Trailer axle conversion?

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  • Trailer axle conversion?


    I'm just curios if anyone has swapped out a leaf spring axle on a trailer for a torsion axle? I see Northern offers a torsion axle kit just not sure if it's as easy and unbolt old and bolt on new? I'm looking to reduce the bouncing of my current glider trailer. During my 16 hour drive to Cumby, I honestly felt that each time I opened my trailer doors to look inside, I would see carnage. It bounced that bad. You never truly understand how bad the roads are until you tow a light trailer. Ugggggg.

    I have also heard people talk about removing a single leaf on an existing axle set up. Not sure if I want to risk that.

    My current set up is a single axle 6x10 enclosed trailer.


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    i highly recommend you buy a new one. There is a junk yard REAL close to my house you can leave your current trailer at...This gal there named Amy will give you $50 scrap price for it.


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      I think I have Amy's phone number.

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    Heck Tim, I would give you even $100.00 for your trailer even though I have absolutely no place to store it !!!


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      Shocks......install a set of shocks on your leaf spring axle and the “bouncing” will be reduced considerably.


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        I'd remove a leaf or two from the current springs and add shocks like Tom recommended. But you can't just throw some shocks on there. They need to be somewhat matched to the weight of the trailer and the spring rate to work effectively. They could end up causing more damage if too stiff. Maybe some motorcycle shocks or very lightweight trailer shocks.