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Black Friday 2019 ~ Anyone Buying?

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  • Black Friday 2019 ~ Anyone Buying?

    Any deals out there that caught your eye?
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    20% off MKS servos at Northwest RC and Extreme flight. After I already bought 10 a couple weeks ago. Doh!
    Kevin K

    Kremer Aerotowing Team


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      I remember when Hobby Lobby (the R/C Store) was in its prime...they had an hourly sale on Black Friday. Every hour, certain items would be on sale for amazingly low prices. You had to be online at that time and put the items in your shopping cart or you would miss out. Next hour, different things would be on sale...and so on for the whole day. I can remember sitting at my desk top computer all day waiting to see what would come up next!!!
      A Site for Soar Eyes


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        Workshop Black Friday. By enjoying what I already have I saved 100%!
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          If you need any metal, is 30% off cyberweek, coupon code CYBERWEEK,


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            The Model Box will still have a deal well after Black Friday on the new ix20, we sold out of our first order but expect some before the end of December!
            Call us for a price, I believe you will be surprised! And by all means check us out on other items, as we always try our best with all you guys on this forum
            The Model Box 205 9788787.


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