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New Desert Aircraft DA-215 Engine

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  • New Desert Aircraft DA-215 Engine

    What's that you say...Your tow plane needs a little extra nose weight!!!

    So your new Cemlak is a little tail heavy, don't want to add lead to the nose, and don't want to extend the engine about this:

    Click image for larger version

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    The new DA-215 engine is nearly the same size as the venerable DA-150, but weighs 10.9 lbs. vs 7.3 lbs. for the DA-150L
    • OAL of both engines is 7.6"
    • OAW of DA-150L is 13.4" vs DA-215 is 13.25"
    • OAW (excluding plug caps) of DA-150L is 11.6" vs DA-215 is 12.67"
    • Mounting Bolt Pattern of DA-150L is 80mm x 90mm vs DA-215 is 90mm x 100mm
    • Prop bolts on DA-150L are 5mm with a bolt circle of 34mm vs DA-215 are 6mm with a bolt circle of 42mm
    Note that spark plugs on the DA-150L (pictured below) stick straight out whereas on the DA-215 they turn downward saving on OAW.

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    There you go Gunny....
    Len Buffinton
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      Prop ground clearance could be and issue (but not on Gunny's Cessna 185)

      Recommended 3-blade prop size:

      DA-150L is 28.5x12 vs the DA-215 is 31x12
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      • gunny11
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        In take off position the prop clearance on the 31x12 would be 7 1/4" with 7" diameter main wheels and 8 3/4" on a set of 10" dia, wheels.

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      Ooh, that's nice...

      Click image for larger version

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        WOW! That would make the 185 the ULTIMATE bush flying tow plane. I like that they angled the spark plugs... it will totally fit inside the cowl. Awsome!
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          and possibly a stronger front crank area than the 150 to last longer in tow use..


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            It would just seem longer because you will burn twice as many tanks of fuel 😜
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