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  • Spirit 100 Bash

    I inherited a Spirit 100 kit from a friend who got out of the hobby a few years ago. I needed to get something done with it or toss it! I decided to let it live! I feel so powerful, wooo-ah-hah-hah-hah-haaaaaaaaa!!! The tail feathers had been started but, otherwise, the kit was whole. The wing is now 115". There is no polyhedral and it only has one dihedral break on center. It has spoilers and ailerons. The spoilers have a torque rod to hold them closed and a 'pull' string to open them. The ailerons are direct drive from a servo for each. The plan of the wing is similar to a Pilatus B4, i.e., it has a Hershey Bar center and double taper outer portion of wing. It has a wheel, release and 'V' tail. I love 'V' tails. I'll get some pics soon. The flying surfaces are complete and the fuselage is almost done. I'm going to cover it in orange film (Think Chevy 'Hugger' orange, grunt, grunt!) and the tail feathers will be white. Here is an example of the color combo but with a SIG Four Star Forty that I modified. It has lights and retracts, too!

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    I first saw the Four Star and thought: "that ain't now Spirit One Hundred !!! "
    look forward to pix of sailplane


    • JimD
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      I was impressed that he was able to "kit bash" a Spirit 100 kit into a "V" tail Four Star. LOL

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    Ahem! Michael????? We are still awaiting pictures of the ACTUAL SPIRIT 100!!!!!!!!!!!!! What'ch Y'all Waiting on?

    Skeeter (Tim)


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      Yes, Deb-id-dee? Pitt-churrs? Ain't you got no eee-maj-gee-nay-shun, boe-uh? I can't get the weather to co-operate with my schedule. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. I think the sun is supposed to shine this weekend.


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        The sun is shining, it's Saturday and the temperature was 8 degrees F at 6AM so I waited for it to 'warm up' a little. It was 10 degrees when these pics were taken. The fuse needs to be finished but at least the radio stuff is in there. The spoilers have a torque rod to keep them closed. A string will pull them open. The arm of the torque rod fits into a tube let into the spoiler. The other end of torque rod glued to wing. Servo bays shown. Servos get mounted to the bay covers (not shown). 'V' tail has wire embedded into the structure to act as elevator horn. The ends of the wire horns were hammered flat then drilled to accept the clevis from push rods.

        Click image for larger version

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          Beautiful work as usual Michael.