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Installing rudder pushrod

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  • Installing rudder pushrod

    In process of building out my FW Models 1/3 scale ASW-17. The rudder is set up for pull-pull cables...I hate me some pull-pull, so started looking at the feasibility of a pushrod. Apart from a slight curve required at the fin/boom junction area, there are no obstructions and it's a clean run fore-aft. My pal Dennis Brandt had an extra 6' carbon pushrod and housing available, so took the fuse over to his house for a second opinion and test fit. Everything looked good, so back to the shop for the install.

    Positioning the housing in place for gluing was simple - used a steel pushrod and then small rare earth magnets on the outside, which allowed very précise adjustments and no worries about anything inadvertently moving. The gluing strategy was a medium-sized blob of epoxy mixed with chopped glass fibers and silica, about every foot or so. The forward portion was no sweat, and even about two feet back from the canopy opening was readily accessible using a foot-long dowel. The problem was the aft portion about four feet was inaccessible from the tail end, close quarters, and accurately maneuvering a dowel that long from one end was impossible. I contemplated just shoving a foam plug down the boom, but that introduces other issues. What to do?

    Enter the Reachinator (patent pending.) This provides a simple but positive mechanical support for the applicator dowel, and allows fairly precise glue application. Took me all of 10 minutes to build, and a dry run confirmed functionality. It doubled as a makeshift cleaning swab for good adhesion. The epoxy mix is fairly thick and with a properly shaped dowel tip (sort of like a flat screwdriver), it stayed put on the dowel for the minute or so it took to get in position. Several glue deliveries were required to ensure enough at the site and it worked perfectly.

    The device also doubles as a billiard cue bridge, in case Axel decides to take up pool sharking.

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    Ron Popeil at Ronco and the folks at K-Tel will both be offering their own knockoffs — the Pocket Reachinator and the Reachinator Greatest Hits.
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