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Small, cheap portable Table Saw....

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  • Small, cheap portable Table Saw....

    Picked up one of these at Lowes yesterday. I saw them online but their website said no Lowes within 100 miles said they had them in stock and they couldn't be ordered online. I just happened to come across this one at my local Lowes so I snatched it up. If interested you may have to just go visit your local Lowes.

    I was looking at the really small hobby "table saws" with 4" blades for ripping really small pieces of 1/4" or less plywood and a very thin kerf. Most of them do not have any blade tilt except the $350 dollar models from Micro Mark and I was'nt about to spend that kind of money on a "hobby" saw.
    Anyway, the really small 4" blade, no tilt, underpowered hobby saws range from $37 to $75 but didn't really sound like they would even be worth that and have almost no safety features. Did I mention they are VERY small with almost no table or power?
    Here's an example from Harbor Freight -

    So, for about the same $50 dollars plus $7 two year replacement warranty from Lowes I get a larger more usable table, blade tilt and a little more power for 1/4-1/2 stock. This way I don't have to swap blades on my full size JET table saw or setup my bandsaw and this little bench model can be setup and left for very small stock and mounted on my...bench!

    Now to see if I can get a ultra thin kerf 8 1/4" blade to work on this little bugger and see if it'll hold a straight blade for decent cuts...

    Hopefully this wasn't a waste of 60 bucks..
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    As the saying goes "You get what you pay for.."

    This is a VERY cheap saw. No wonder it was on sale for $50. Base is plastic, like some of the really small 4" hobby saws and the table is stamped sheet metal. The motor carriage is marginal at best so it still remains to be seen if it will need adjusting after every cut or if it will even hold true during a cut. A thin kerf 7 1/4" blade does fit nicely as you can see. So, I'm hoping it will be safely usable for at least 1/8 - 1/4 stock. Still need to make a zero clearance insert before attempting to do any cuts.

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      Several years ago I bought the small Harbor Freight saw you referenced. It was a piece of junk with no power.