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My name is Otto and I am new to soaring.

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  • My name is Otto and I am new to soaring.

    Hello all;
    As I have mentioned I am new to soaring and have been referred here from RCGroups by a member here "ARUP". I have been into RC since 1973 and into modeling since about 1969. I have other bad habits such a building custom motorcycles and custom hunting rifles. This leaves no money for the common human habits such as drinking, smoking and womanizing . I built my first RC scale glider in 1/12 scale and it was a SG-38 (SK-38 Czech variant) you can see the build here. . I started but not have yet finished my second project which was a 1/12, once again Czech LF-109 which can be seen here. . I build in two scales which are 1/12 and 1/6. I am not however opposed in building something larger in 1/4 scale if the subjects moves me. I build only scale with historical significance to me and at the moment it is the LF-109 and also the PB-3 "Praha". I have build exclusively scale power in the past and just got into gliders. Since I have an active interest in a few scale aircraft which would make good glider tugs, this will fit right in with my current interests. In the last two years I shifted my work to building some custom hunting rifles and restoration of a few vintage military ones (no plastic guns for me). This Christmas vacation I plan on hopefully finishing my LF-109 and starting the next project. I have also since built for myself a glider winch incorporating a deep sea fishing real and a rather powerful brushless motor utilizing a 150Whr 11.1V lithium pack and controlled by a separate receiver on the unit utilizing the throttle channel on my transmitter. It is a very compact but yet extremely powerful device. I hope that this site will be fulfilling for me and that I get to enjoy the company of some new and knowledgeable people. I go by Gunny K because that is what I have been called since about the mid nineties and it has stuck. I left the Corps as a Gunny.
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    Hey, hey... glad you made it over here! Hope to see you at an aerotow in future, too!


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      It would not be a complete impossibility for me to participate in one. I however am not planning anything larger than a 1/6 in the near future. The three closest projects I am contemplating in this scale are, Grunau Baby, LF-109 and PB-3 Praha. As expected, all would fall roughly in the 2M range+-. The PB-3 will most likely be the first due to classic simplicity and looks. I have lately been doing research on this and have been communicating quite a bit with some Czech experts. Fortunately, contrary to popular belief, more than one was built. After the normal damage and rebuilds on those airframes, it was not uncommon for aerodynamic changes to be made. Most commonly changes to wingspan, by adding extra bays to the wings. Sometimes as many as two or three per wing. This is good news for me since this will make it more useful for more than just slope soaring. But I will stop at this point on this subject here on this thread and start a new thread in the appropriate section. See you there. Obviously it will have PB-3 Praha in the title so it should be easy to find.
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        Welcome Gunny this is a great place to learn and enjoy this hobby.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	image_12173.jpg
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ID:	31526 I would like to post some pictures and something about the winch I built but have no Idea in what section to put it. Also since I am a HUGE Airtronics/Sanwa radio fan, I convert and have done about eight of my radios to 2.4Gig from 72mHz. I will never get rid of my Airtronics because I love them so much and enjoy doing these conversions. If there is any interest, I can also post something about that. Transmitter MUST NOT be PCM, only PPM in FM or AM. I can not find a "Technical" section on this site that would be appropriate for these subjects. ALSO, I find that most people here build the really HUGE stuff. Is there any interest in smaller stuff in the 1/5 scale and smaller? If there is any populous interest here, I would like to start a section. The reason I like the small stuff is because, when I bring it home, I like to hang them from the sealing of my office.
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            There are plenty of smaller sailplanes at events it's just none of the owners post about them much. Hanging your sailplanes is one great way for storage! I gotta come up with something because my house is becoming a disaster area as opposed to just a wreck !My 1/6 scale Balestruccio is 118" span and the the 1/4 scale Vampyr is 124". You might put the radio tech data in the radio programming section and there is the 'hangar talk' and 'sorta scale and other neat stuff' section, too! Happy Thanksgiving, Sgt. GK, and God bless the Marines and all the military service personnel.


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              Hi Otto,
              Welcome to Scale Soaring forums.
              Thank you for your service, my son is a US Marine Police officer in Japan right now. He may be coming home for Christmas, what a thrill that will be.

              There are all sorts and sizes of sailplanes being built and flown around the aerotow community, this is one place where size does not really matter, although the contention is bigger just flies better. That aside, it's a real challenge to hang from the ceiling!!!

              I for one, would love to see what you build and how you proceed. There are many of us lurking in the dark corners and peeking in on your thread.

              Happy Thanksgiving

              Len Buffinton
              Team Horizon Hobby


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                I proceeded and started a new thread in the scale glider section. BTW I did order two of the Sinbad 93 short kits. It has been a long time since I have built from a kit. I do almost exclusively scratch. I ordered them straight from China for about $36 so the price was right. But as we all know it will be a couple of months when I actually see them. I do plan on reducing the dihedral and adding ailerons. Stashed away I have a vintage 1/6 German kit of the Grunau Baby. But for some reason, kits just don't excite me.

                If it can't be done right, don't bother doing it at all.


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                  Two Gunnies might be confusing!

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                  Agreed, I already thought I posted something. Lol!
                  Welcome to the forum.