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12th Annual Cumberland, MD Spring Soar for Fun ~ March 18-21, 2021

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  • 12th Annual Cumberland, MD Spring Soar for Fun ~ March 18-21, 2021

    The snow and cold of February is now behind us and Spring is near, time to get those planes out of winter storage and charge the batteries.

    The 12th Annual Cumberland Spring Soar for Fun will be held at the HighPoint Aviation Airfield on March 18-21, 2021.
    • Landing fee $20/day or $60/ three or more days (PayPal accepted)
    • Please bring your own food and drinks, no food concession will be offered
    • Be prepared for a wide temperature range, March weather is unpredictable
    ***Click here to Register for event***
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    On Monday, March 1st, I was finally able to get up the road to the airfield. All of the snow and ice was finally gone and the day and a half of constant rain had stopped. Much to my relief, the road was in excellent condition...all of that money I spent over the years has paid off by giving the road a good base.

    The wind, true to March form, started to pick up while I was checking over things and planning what needed to be done to make the March event happen. The gusts topped out at, even the concrete floor was shaking LOL.

    On my way back down the mountain, I discovered a large tree had fallen across the road...lucky I had my sawzall with me...used up three battery packs, but got it cut back enough to get by. Looks like I am going to be keeping a chain saw in the truck from now on!

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      Kevin K

      Kremer Aerotowing Team


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        Oh YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          darn good sawsall... weather permitting les and i will see you there....


          • JimD
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            This experience pushed me to get a battery powered chainsaw to keep in my truck!

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          The Model Box Shameless Commercial #1

          It's that time again to rack your brain's and see if you need me to bring any supplies to the event!
          Kevin, I have your Servos put aside, we do have ix20's and Power Safe receivers available, unlike Horizon
          You can call the shop for any of your need's 205.978.8787

          And as always Janet has a block of discounted rooms reserved at the Fairfield Inn, if you need one please Do Not contact me, call 301.722.0340.


          SCC AAA TT TN


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            Greetings and Salutations!

            I figured I would introduce myself.

            Bert Garrison, long time modeler new to Scale Soaring and Aerotow. I have been building and flying RC airplanes since I was a teen in 1974. Since 2004 I have been building and flying giant scale aerobatic planes and have competed in IMAC on and off. I have never been without a model to fly over the many years and I have always owned a glider/sailplane.

            Back when I was a young Air Force Lieutenant A buddy and I tried aerotowing a Carl Goldberg "Gentle Lady" with a Goldberg Eaglet! It did not work....ever... That was 1983, the spark was there but it would not be until a year ago when I decided to "turn the corner" and jump into scale soaring.

            Like all of my projects and endeavors I do my research, jump in with both feet and find good people to share the experience with. My quest will begin during this event.

            Over the winter I have assembled a Top Model Swift and a Legacy Aviation Bushmaster 120. Both sailplane and tow plane.

            I am looking forward to meeting everyone and learning about this part of our fascinating hobby.

            Since this picture was taken, Henry now has a chute, harness, joystick, spoiler handle and tow release. Hopefully I will do a maiden flight on the Swift and he will survive the ordeal!

            The Bushmaster "Bushy" has a DA70 with 2 into 1 header and a can. Jeti radio with Airspeed, Temp, stabilization, and a few other odds and ends... altitude, VVI, vario...

            This plane handles like a trainer and comes down like a safe with crow deployed. I have put about 2 hours on the Bushmaster refining the mixing.

            Dual Batts on both the Ignition and Receiver and a 50 oz fuel tank mounted on the CG should allow for extended tow time.

            She is not scale but hopefully will make a good tow plane!

            Since this picture I have updated to a more robust tailwheel and added "Bush Wheels".

            At 26 lbs I can fly around all day around 1/4 throttle...

            Anyway, you can expect to see me there Wednesday the 17th willing to help setup, bring coffee or both!

            Before I go I would like to shout out to Pete G. and Jim D. for answering tons of questions, especially Jim D!

            And also Swiss1 whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting for arranging rooms via Janet at the Fairfield Inn!



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              Bert, it has been great sharing information and knowing that another pilot has joined the aerotow community! Looking forward to meeting and seeing the Bushmaster & Swift in the sky at HighPoint airfield!!!

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            Yesterday was warm and dry, so it was a perfect day to take the tractor back to the mountain (it spent the winter doing snow removal at home). Got the box scraper and front blade attached and spent the afternoon smoothing up the road and pushing rocks and debris back off the sides. Typical maintenance stuff after winter.

            Very pleased that the snow and heavy rain did not do any significant water damage to the road or field. Basically, we are ready to go for the spring event!

            Click image for larger version

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              The Mode Box Shameless Commercial #2

              Thank's to you guys who have placed an order with me, if you need something that we do not have in the shop, I need to know by the end of the day!
              I will have all the new Spektrum NX radios, including ix20's and power safe receivers, currently out of stock at Horizon! Will also have Smart chargers and batteries Gen 1 and Gen 2. Will be loading up on Tuesday and heading to Cumberland on Wednesday, see you all on the mountain.

              To place an order, call the shop, 205 978 8787


              SCC AAA TT TN


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                Ok, i understand no food service but maybe you could consider this.


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                  We'll be heading out around noon Wednesday, planning to arrive between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. Can't wait!
                  Kevin K

                  Kremer Aerotowing Team


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                    Sweet, can't make it till Friday..... See you soon


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                      Click image for larger version

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                      Kevin K

                      Kremer Aerotowing Team


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                        Flew the Skylark Wednesday night after we arrived, overcast but smooth. Thursday not as nice, rain and fog all day. Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210318_162951549.jpg
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                        Kevin K

                        Kremer Aerotowing Team


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                          did steve bring my bidule for a tow plane... wondering how he likes it.. missing it already. cant wait to catch up with you guys at the next aero tow soon..

                          did ali show up and fly the jeemo. i have yet to get a turbine for mine. might be some time unitl that happens, by then it may get a new home. lots to fly without it this year.

                          happy flying guys.