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54th Annual Cumberland, MD Fall Soar for Fun ~ November 4-8, 2020

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  • 54th Annual Cumberland, MD Fall Soar for Fun ~ November 4-8, 2020

    54th Annual Cumberland, MD Fall Soar for Fun ~ November 4-8, 2020

    For the 54th consecutive year, the Cumberland, Maryland Fall Soar for Fun will be held at the same location on Knobley Mountain (3 miles south of Cumberland along West Virginia Route 28).

    This AMA Sanctioned Event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4 - Sunday, November 8, 2020

    Please Register Here:

    Landing fee donation is $20.00/day (three days or more $60.00)

    Driving directions to field from I-68 Exit onto Industrial Blvd:
    • Take Canal Parkway and continue onto West Virginia Route 28.
    • Continue about 2.8 miles to Route 28 Auto Sales (on right).
    • Turn right onto Heavener Road at Route 28 Auto Sales.
    • Continue on this paved road to the top of the hill.
    • Turn left onto the unpaved road (wooden sign says Ridge Road).
    • Continue around the ridge until you cross under the powerlines.
    • Turn left onto Sunny Side Drive.
    • Continue a short distance to the divide in this road.
    • Turn right at the divide.
    • Continue on this road for about 1-1/2 miles to the field on top.

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    OK Ladies and Gentlemen, Swiss Miss has once again procured our group some discounted rooms at the Fairfield Inn, please make you arrangement by mentioning Cumberland Aerotow!

    So that brings me to my First Shameless Model Box Commercial!!

    If you need anything brought to the event, please let me know as soon as possible, as Hobby Supplies are very limited at this moment of time!
    You can call The Model Box @ 205 978 8787 and we will do our best to fulfill you needs




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      Okay, my turn! Shameless Commercial from Rosenthal Models USA! A last minute change of plans means I will be attending the Fun Soar next week. I will stuff as many of the latest European goodies as possible into my Dodge Caravan to display, some for sale. This includes: ChocoFly 1:3 7m ASW-17S, 1:2 7.5m Diana 2, Avanti 4m GPS Sport Racer; Rosenthal 1:3 5m ASW-15; Tomahawk 40% 7.7m full-carbon ASG-32 Mi in factory colors, 3.3m Swift S-1 EDF PNP. For accessories Torcman & LeoMotion FES Systems, sailplane cockpit parts, and whatever else I can squeeze in or strap on top.

      Bruce DeVisser


      • horsefeetky
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        cant wait to check out your torchman systems.. one that will fit the hempel ka6.....

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      Well, there will be one less attending - DANG! My van developed electrical trouble Friday and the dealer said no parts until 11/4 - no time to make the trip. I am planning to be there in the Spring with a trailer-full of models. In the meantime if you need something please ask.

      Bruce DeVisser
      Rosenthal Models USA


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        Here is a bunch of picture I took during these amazing first two days
        Horizon Hobby Team Member


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          Cool, thanks!!

        • Jeff D
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          Gorgeous shots Stephane! Videos also. Thank you for taking the time to take them and publish them.

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        So great to see everyone again and of course many thanks to Jim and all the tow guys for all the enjoyment. Was a great time as always, and weather was so superb. Great photos and video St├ęphane! Loved seeing your Asw 22 in action. Looking forward to more more more.



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          Wow, what super weather! I was planing to leave Monday morning but Len, Jim, Joe and myself flew most of the day on Monday. Ha ha, oh well. And of coarse, thanks to our host Jim and Stephan for posting pictures.
          Aviation Concepts rc


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            So here are a few photos I took. Stephane did such a good photo journalist job that they may be redundant.


            Thanks as always to Jim for his hospitality and all the tow pilots for their skill and time. I had a great time with great weather and great flying. Did I say Great, Great, Great?

            March is not that far off, so start your repairs and / or other winter projects. Hope to fly with all of you again soon.