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NARCA Aerotow October 3-6

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  • NARCA Aerotow October 3-6


    Attached is a flyer from CD Tim Batt for the 11the Annual NARCA Aerotow Event. Please put this on your calendar. As always there will be lots of good lift, flying, and camaraderie! All of us at NARCA are looking forward to seeing all of you again this fall.

    Al Clark

    For Registration Click Here
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    JPG version...

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks, Steve!


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        We shall be there


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          Giant Scale sailplanes, towplanes, and turboprops - what could be better than that! Yee Haa!


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            Looking forward to flying with all of our AeroTow friends! Hope you can make it.

            I've been absent from here due to moving to a new house. I HATE MOVING. Pack your stuff in boxes that you won't remember what is in it EVEN though your label made sense at the time..... Then later you take all of your stuff and hide it from yourself at the new place. At least that what it seems like. I can't find anything!

            The good news is that we really love the new house and the location. Best of all is the new shop, 1800sqft heated and cooled with a bathroom that even has hot water. We replaced the microwave and fridge with new ones and I moved the old ones into the shop. So now I have a beer fridge and a popcorn maker. Life is good!

            Now, if I could just find the box that my transmitters are in.......


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              I'm really looking forward to this one! I've been seeing lots of photos some of you guys have posted from other aerotows this summer and I'm fired up to fly my two new ships, a Schweizer 1-26 and a Swift S1 aerobatic ship. Here are a few random pix from our past NARCA Aerotows. Hope to see you all in October!

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                Haven't registered yet, but plan to be there.


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                  I haven't been up there since my first visit a couple years ago, but I'm off that weekend so I'm going to come up this year to hang out again.
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                    I'm planning to be there. Very much looking forward to it.

                    Registration indicates 2018, so I didn't register yet.


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                      Okay Burt, Registration Form is corrected, you can register now!

                      Click Here for Registration Form
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                        Registered... Just for a head count though. If I bring any airplane, it'll only be a Radian XL unfortunately.
                        [B]"I have not yet begun to procrastinate!"[/B] -- [B][I]Geoff Painter[/I][/B]


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                          Several pre-registrations all ready. Thanks guys!

                          I have some bad news, on Monday I received a diagnosis of cancer. Once we get the biopsy results a treatment plan will be made. I'm hoping for the best outcome.

                          It will be great to see you guys! No flying for me as the mass is located on the side of my neck and looking up just isn't an option right now. I plan on laying back in a lounge chair and soaking in the sailplanes.


                          • Tango Juliet
                            Tango Juliet commented
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                            Sorry to hear this news. We'll all be praying for you.

                          • Swiss1
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                            Very sorry to hear that Tim, I'm sure you will get past it!

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                          I'll echo TJ's sentiments. Prayers for a successful treatment plan and a complete recovery.


                          • ARUP
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                            +1 there buddy, Tim. Hang in there!