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Vernon June 21-23 Aerotow Cancelled

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  • Vernon June 21-23 Aerotow Cancelled

    Yeah, I know that it wasn't posted here but I was waiting to solidify my tug drivers. Per the note below that has been posted elsewhere as well, we are SOL.


    Sorry to have to do this, but we're taking Vernon off the schedule due to tug uncertainty

    Three of our "go-to" guys have other commitments, and the Pilfered Pegasus, although having a successful re-maiden at Yakima last weekend, developed an ignition problem. Until that is 100% resolved we can't guarantee its availability. A backup that we had in mind is also unavailable. Jim of the Vernon group has a 60cc powered tug, but it won't take the big stuff and I'd never run a tow event with only one tug on the line anyway. From feast to famine; last week in Yakima there were seven tugs, but two weeks from now we're down to 1 1/2

    Agassiz is well covered; there are at least three capable tugs committed, and possibly more.

    My apologies to those of you that were planning to come from a distance!

    Dave Smith
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