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Mission Aerotow, 2016

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  • Mission Aerotow, 2016

    Well, the reason that this hasn't been posted yet is that it was in jeopardy....and now, unfortunately.....


    I am sorry to have to report that there will be no Mission 2016 Aerotow event. This is due to a number of factors, but primarily because of uncontrolled and unauthorized use of the Anderson Turf Farm property by casual drop-in flyers of all types. The Andersons have had a long and great relationship with the soaring crowd; not just we aerotow fans but also thermal duration, DLG and F3J crews. Unfortunately they are now overwhelmed with uninvited (and often uninsured) flyers who do not necessarily take the care of the property that is essential for our continued presence. As a result, there will be no formal events at the farm this year. The owners think the visibility of the larger events generates the belief by others that they can fly anytime and anywhere at the farm without following due process.

    For now we are treading softly, hoping that by assisting the Andersons in policing their fields and communicating to others that it is not open season at the farm, we may be able to restore our privileges. We are also working closely with the other groups that have also flown at the fields for years to assist the Anderson family to retain control of their land, which, after all, is the asset from which they make their living!

    Updates will follow to report on progress.

    Dave Smith

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    That is too frequently the awful news we hear. All good wishes in working to calm the situation and restore confidence in the owners so they'll support the legitimate events.

    We've all got to work to take back our hobby from the few who constantly risk the benefits of the responsible masses.
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      Sorry to hear this Dave, I removed the listing from the website registration and calendar pages. If there is a change, let me know and I will add the event back.
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