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Aluma trailer for transporting large sailplanes

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  • Aluma trailer for transporting large sailplanes

    I am considering buying a new Aluma trailer to transport sailplanes. The model is an Aluma 548. The bed size is 54 inches by 96 inches and the overall trailer size is 75.5 inches wide and 145 inches long. I will fit in my garage. Drive out price is $2,100.00
    I would build a plywood box to secure the planes to the trailer.

    I was considering buying a bolt together Northern tool trailer but figured once I did all of the upgrades, better tires, upgraded wheel bearings, upgraded suspension, Crank to lift it off the ball, etc., I would be nearing the price of the Aluma.
    Any one here have any experience with Aluma trailers?

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    I have built a harbor freight trailer and a plywood box, I have not been able to seal it well.

    for the price you could probably have a nice enclosed trailer.

    not discouraging you, but making a sealed plywood box is not an easy task....

    I am now using the plywood to hang my tools in my basement....

    best luck with the build

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      My first trailer was pretty small, I was limited by my tow vehicle at the time. 2100 is nearly what I paid for my enclosed trailer.

      You could get something like this, a little more than you're thinking of spending now, but a lot less work.
      Kevin K

      Kremer Aerotowing Team


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        Look to purchase a torsion suspension. My trailer bounces around more then I like as it's NOT a torsion system. I arrive at events wondering what the contents of my trailer will look like from the bouncing when I open the doors. Some states have better quality roads than others. Just my 2 pennies.



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          Anybody using snowmobile trailers for transporting gliders?


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            Seen it done.

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          Hoot -- if storing the trailer is the core issue perhaps it's best for now just to spend as you go and rent a small box trailer from U-Haul for the events you travel to each year? They offer multiple sizes. You won't build any equity, but you don't have to deal with it the rest of the year.

          +1 to some of the other comments here -- those who have tried to build boxes had water issues while do not underestimate the ability of a lightweight trailer to bounce like bloody hell. The Torflex axles are fantastic.

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            I have decided to by a five foot by ten foot enclosed trailer. Unfortunately I can't find one in the Houston TX. They are flying off of the dealers lots !


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              just order one up and you will be next inline


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                I thought about renting an enclosed trailer from Uhaul but whenever I called them in the past, they were out of trailers. I even tried calling two or three other uhaul near me.
                I thiink buying a trailer is the way to go.
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