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hf ventus2 6m fes full house glider bnf spektrum

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  • hf ventus2 6m fes full house glider bnf spektrum

    this is rtf just bind to your spektrum tx.. power safe rx and all batteries included. two a123 rx packs and two 4s 4000 lipo for motor..
    picked this up from avid scale sailplane flyerstephane ruelle late last year and have not flow it myself. i watched it being flown many times at cumberland md aero tows. i do however have the spm file to offer so you are in trim and up and going fast.

    it has an insert into the tow hook hole that doubles as a bungee launch hook. easily comes out with the flip of the switch to use a tow release for a loop.

    not for certain of the servos installed but they are of high quality and made for 6v use thus the a123 packs.....

    this is a full house flyer

    email with and questions or added pics needed

    can deliver to winamac in aero tow in a few weeks or cumberland md if a deposit is made as trailer space is tight to just pack it along..........

    im staying with my 4m-5m planes as they fit in my truck bed and no trailer is needed............4 part wing plus the swept tips. elevator removes easily. fuse is same length as my asw20 hangar9.......

    3200.00 with pilot not in pics but he is 1:3.5 and fits great ultra light weight full body
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