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FOR SALE: jeemo glider new build but still needs a turbine....

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  • FOR SALE: jeemo glider new build but still needs a turbine....

    custom ordered when they first came to use in first container. yellow on top carbon weave on bottom of wing and elevator.

    reccomended x10hv servos installed with 4-40 size ball link hardware. wing and tail is setup in spektrum radio with single wing connector and all custom hd wires and loom

    wing have the reccomended multiplex one click wing connector to secure to fuse. and the sing rod is solid steele you wont bend it i promise.

    canopy attached and fitted. tank plumbed. bungee launch hook under nose but this can also be launched from a dolly under its own power. i prefer bungee

    map uat included factory pipe in belly installed.

    9ch spektrum telemetry rx and gps also available at additional cost.

    wipers on rudder hinge line

    skid vinyl under belly for protection on landings

    all red and blue colors are vinyl and can be removed if desired. there is a visible seam line on the fuse and a small 3mm divit on wing bottom at leading edge from factory. they all have some small amount of slight imperfection but the build is strong and nice from factory.

    tons of setup work went into this buid and now it waits for turbine install. has the mfg mounts for k45g3/4 but i was going to use an x45 and adapt the mounts for that turbine.

    im willing to travel a bit for gas to meet but i will not ship.. not worth the chance of damage.

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    sold it in under one day to peter lui baja hobby in cali..