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For Sale; EMS 6.1m Quintus - New

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  • For Sale; EMS 6.1m Quintus - New

    Fit and finish are of the same level as Baudis and the other top manufacturers. Price is in the same range as those too, but this one is here and has a lot of extras included.

    The EMS Quintus, scale 1:3.75, is an expansion of the EMS model series of high-performance sport scale sailplanes. They have great looks and are close to scale in outline, similar to GPS Scale Class models.

    Fiberglass and Carbon fuselage, hollow-molded glass/carbon wings and tail. Wings are 2 pieces per side plus winglets; monoblock retention system; 3 servos per wing half; wings are pre-wired; TEK probe mount and tubing installed.

    The wings were developed with new profiles that were designed with Aerotech (M23108G), to achieve a higher dynamic flight envelope, with better climbing (for self-launching versions), better thermal performance, and faster glide. Performance is on a par with the very successful EMS Arcus, with fast sprints between thermals.

    Finished cockpit, instrument panel, removable seat pan, canopy lock/release, sliding vent window

    Scale sprung retract with brake installed, full dust cover; nose tow release installed.

    GT-R Version: full CFRP + CFRP D-Box wing with cross-linked CFRP; very strong for high performance

    Lighting: configurable Ultra-bright light system completely installed and mounted; 4 LED panels in the wing servo covers, 3 LEDs in fin, control board in cockpit. Flash the LEDs from your transmitter to ID your plane in crowded skies or if you lose sight.

    Padded wing bag holds wings, tips, winglets, and Elevator/wing rod bag. Separate fuselage bag – only 2 bags for everything

    Model photos:

    Flight video:
    (this video is up-and-go version but performance is same)

    Available to ship within USA. US$5500.00 (list price $6125.00). Shipping cost maximum $450.00 to your nearest freight facility.

    If interested please contact me.
    Bruce DeVisser
    Rosenthal Models USA
    San Jose, CA
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    Love me some EMS. Been flying the snot out of my Arcus. More fun than my big HModel one (which is wonderful).

    Wish I had some loose cash.
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