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3.2 meter carbon layup S-1 with 100XBL...

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  • 3.2 meter carbon layup S-1 with 100XBL...

    Next on the bench; 3.2 meter max carbon layup S-1 with 100XBL. Just received 3D saddle mount test-piece to confirm saddle mount-to-fuselage's varying radius, wing / stab to turbine thrust line (need another degree me-thinks), strap design (either single or dual with saddle cross-drilled for M3 bolt(s) / ny-lock(s) to squeeze turbine to mount and two M5 vertical bolt holes that will capture the hex heads - under the turbine before creating a file to CnC from 6061.
    The vertical / captured M5 bolts will enter the fuselage and be secured with ny-locks from the front cockpit access to secure. The idea is to be able to remove the turbine and secure the electrical / fuel line back inside the fuselage in less than a minute.

    Why? So I can go slope soaring of course (we have awesome foothill / mountain conditions around here)!! The 2 liter fuel tank will serve double duty as ballast. If that is not enough momentum --> energy retention, the solid CF wing joiner will be replaced with a CnC'd alloy replacement :^)
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    Hi, Is that Gliders-IT model?


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      Yes, it is.