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Southern California "Sky Park at Santa's Village"

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  • Southern California "Sky Park at Santa's Village"

    We all know southern California has amazing slopes and nice big booming thermals. However, flying sites suited to large scale R/C aircraft are in short supply. Or worse a Slope with a place to bring in a glass slipper.

    How about a flying site with;
    5,000+ foot of upslope
    BIG Thermal activity from the valley below
    Camping / with hookups
    Restaurant X 2 ON site
    Bakery ON Site
    Coffee shop ON site
    Pub ON site
    Mountain biking ON Site
    Hobby Shop ON site
    Zip Lines ON Site
    BIG Groomed SOFT Landing Zone / Runway
    AeroTow / Winch / Electric assist or had toss off ridge...
    1.5 Hours from L.A.
    1.5 Hours from San Diego

    Now then would you support such a place?

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    I sure would like to get out there! Anybody else here on this site have any thoughts? Since I fly slow poke vintage sailplanes I don't know, first hand, what to look for in a flying site for the glass slipper types.


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      Id pack up my bags and move to Beverly............Hills that is.

      Sounds like a dream site. What the deal?
      Len Buffinton
      Team Horizon Hobby


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        Would be pretty fun to start a caravan of trailers headed out there!
        Kevin K

        Kremer Aerotowing Team