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I need a scale pilot for my Baudis Diana 2

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  • I need a scale pilot for my Baudis Diana 2

    Who makes high quality scale sailplane pilots? I need one for my Baudis Diana 2.
    Thanks !

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    I really like this pilot from Warbird Pilots. He's a bit smaller than a 1/3 scale Axel but that actually makes him easier to fit in most 1/3 scale gliders. The interior wire frame allows his back to be bent in ways no human ever could so that his upper torso can be vertical and his head level.
    Rick Shelby
    Team Horizon


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      You will need a 1/3.5 scale pilot as a full 1/3 will not fit due to the retract Intruding on the spot where the pilots rear end sits, plus the seat pan takes even more room. Mark Foster got a 1/3.5 pilot from TwinPilots that worked nicely. Not sure how a Warbirdspilot will fit, you may have to do some surgery to get him to fit.


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        The glider pilots are very nice. Faster shipment than Axel pilots.