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Paritech Quintus 1.375 sailplane

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  • Paritech Quintus 1.375 sailplane

    Does anyone have experience with the quality and fit of Paritech sailplanes? They don't have a dealer in the USA or Canada but told me I can order direct, Are there any pitfalls by ordering direct that I should be aware of?
    Thanks !
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    Excellent planes, top notch fit and finish, in the top 3 out there.
    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      FWIW, my Paritech Nimbus 4D came from Etienne at ICARE.

      They are beautiful but in some areas more fragile in small parts and finicky. I’d place mine below the HModel, Baudis, Let and EMS moldies I own. On par with KV.

      The only hurdles are that Paritech a la carte prices their models so a completion level of Let, EMS, HModel etc. can add up. The prices appear better until all the extras are added. That, any you have shipping costs which have soared higher that we do in the past year. Ideally you don’t want to deal with customs clearance, etc. if at all possible. Rather get it shipped by a turnkey service to your door. You might get hit with state taxes, but that seems random at best.

      For comparison, have you looked at the EMS Quintus? Ralf is great, his stuff flys beautifully and he ships direct. Either would be a fine choice if the HModel Quintus is out of reach.

      Ralf Scheifele


      Team PowerBox Systems Americas... If flying were the language of men, soaring would be its poetry.


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        Steve P,
        Thanks for the information. I think dealing with Icare is probably the best route for me.


        • Steve P
          Steve P commented
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          I hope he still has a relationship with them. Good luck.

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        I called Icare and he said he can order sailplanes from Paritech.