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Baudis 6.6m Antares -- again

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  • Baudis 6.6m Antares -- again

    My faithful Antares was lost early this season to an electrical failure in the SmartFly board. It was likely broken on a hard landing. Nuff said, let's move on.

    Given that the Antares was my go-to sailplane at events, there was no doubt that it would be replaced. And, here it is.

    The build was straightforward with Futaba servos factory-installed in an RDS configuration on the four ailerons. I took lots of time to make certain the persnickety rudder servo set-up using a DS398 was smooth and silent. Elevator is on a JR DS3421. Tow on a JR DS8411. Flaps on the new plane were done as RDS using JR DS398 servos, MPJet RDS collets secured from FlightComp, 5mm ID / 8mm OD sealed bearing and 3mm stainless steel rod stock from McMaster-Carr, and good advice from Scot. The retract is set-up on the new JR Xbus NX8921 High Torque Smart Servo. Two Xbus Infinity receivers are installed connected to an Xbus Duo unit. Vario/Altimeter telemetry. All wiring inside black protective braid. 10,000 mAh of on-board juice.

    Everyone knows I can't leave a plain white sailplane well enough alone, so here are some photos of today's effort. Looks nice, white and just a bit blingy on top, but from below, it's OMG. Still some bubbles to work out, but you get the idea. Fun with sign vinyl. Scot is working on the seat pan, so Axel's home will come later.
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    Woot! So many stripes I'm getting a headache... I better call Canon to see it the auto-focus can handle that much contrast

    All kidding aside, Looks great. Cant wait to see it in person.



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      Darn!! Just when everyone thought it was safe to go to the field again.

      Looking forward to the show
      Len Buffinton
      Team Horizon Hobby


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        Pretty amazing Steve. cant wait to see it

        Steve K
        Steve K

        Kremer Aerotowing Team


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          Sweet! Can't wait to see it live and in action!


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            Love it! Especially the nose.


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              Looks fantastic, can you say candy cane---love it should be able to see it very well