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HModel Arcus 6.6m bling - custom wing covers by Revoc

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  • HModel Arcus 6.6m bling - custom wing covers by Revoc

    My friend Zbig and I have been trading photographs via email back and forth the past few weeks. I would shoot photos of Arcus parts and he would send them back to me marked up in photoshop requesting exact measurements and angles. A nice collaboration that would net me a set of wing bags and him a pattern to add the HModel Arcus to his Revoc inventory.

    When I priced the bags typically supplied with the Arcus the cost and construction told me there had to be a better way. I have several Revoc sets for sailplanes and tow planes. The construction is very robust, great full length zippers, sturdy carry handles and the interiors are lined with soft felt.

    Today the final product arrived. With much trepidation I unpacked the huge package from Poland (he also made me a set for the 5 meter Nemere, prop covers for my Porter and Pawnee, and a wing rod case). Would the Arcus covers only designed via email fit?????

    Damn, skippy they sure as heck do. Photo below. I am not certain what the retail pricing will be, but they should be offered on the Revoc site any second now that we know they are winners. I have had a long and happy relationship with Zbig. He will not do you wrong!

    UPDATE: The link is now live $191 Euro --
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    Zbig is the master of wingbags!

    I'm always blown away with the quality and good price!


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      I love Revoc!

      ZBigs ZBags ZBest