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Scale documentation posting guidelines

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  • Scale documentation posting guidelines

    I'd like to get this section back up and running of real sailplane documentation, making it a great resource for all builders of scale RC sailplanes. I know it's easy to find what you need out there, but sure would be nice to have it all here in one place .

    Please post up real sailplane scale documentation, photographs, original plans, scale RC plan links, laser and CNC wood cut kit links and any other pertinent ref. information to a specific real sailplane for future RC scale sailplane builders. Also, if possible, try to recognize photographers rights and gain approval to use photos posted first and give credit where it is due. Photos posted, please provide links to original site. Wikipedia works well for data and photography, check for usage rights first.

    Cheers, Thompson

    Sample format

    Title L-Spatz 55

    The Scheibe Spatz (German: "Sparrow") is a German glider with a mixed metal and wood construction that was built in 1952 until 1962. Later versions were known as the L-Spatz, the letter L standing for Leistung, which is German for "performance"… etc.


    Available Kits, RC Plans

    Scale Documentation, Original Plans

    Photography, Details