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  • GPS electronics sources

    Can someone please share with me what I need and where to get the electronics needed for the triangle racing?

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    The most common stuff is from rc electronics. Available here from Rick. Rshelby30 at gmail

    The top end is the Snipe plus Raven in the model.. Then Albatross on the phone or tablet. I have the Raven in my Foka. Fine for 1/3 scale models. You can go full tek probe. But those things are a pain packing. I have some 14 mil mylar added in my Foka fin cover to protect the simple straight tube.

    The swift plus fast gps receiver is in my Orlik. This setup is nicer in smaller models with less space. If you want to add the pressure sensor then it is almost as expensive as the Raven but might help on an install. It will fit fine in 1/4 scale models. The fast gps is OK as a various and gives altitude gain, but a little more lagged than a pressure sensor.

    The sparrow should only be used in gps light models. The gps response is really slow compared to the others. I have that in a gps light model. That course is a lot smaller and the wing loading limits really limit the airspeed.

    If you use Jeti there are other rf options.


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      Thanks for the links, exactly what I needed. I need to see some of these things in action


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        Cumberland Spring Soar is coming up real soon.


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          I don’t know what that is

          *found it, have to go to the CT event*
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