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2021 East coast GPS CUP

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    Hey guys, was a blast to see you all in Cumberland and fly the hill. Spent more time trying to get my maiden ready and complete on my Diana 2 than flying GPS and figuring out the electronics and volumes etc. lol. Anyhow did a bunch of laps finally but don't recall how to upload to traingle league? I am registered at the league and pushed the upload button on one flight on my Albatross, but I don't see it online? when I pushed it second time it said already uploaded....any thoughts of advice for this newbie?



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      Sounds like what Stephane was having problems with. Some of his uploaded but didn't appear on the web site.

      I like to do a morning flight to get used to the sequence of powering up the devices and my Bluetooth. This also helps in learning the turnpoints and making sure things are in trim to fly straight hands off.

      The only uploads I had problems with were Chenango. It was listed as scale class but we had a sport class course to fit out no fly zones. And I was the only one uploading. It shows the uploads and Lapa bur no status for individual pilots.

      Try uploading you igc file to one of the online viewers.