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Models that are easier to travel with.

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  • Models that are easier to travel with.

    The latest trend in GPS models is making them more easily transportable. Several are available now with 2 piece fuselages and/or removable fins. I will list all those that I am aware of below. If you know of any please add them to this thread. If you desire a model that is not listed, it would be worth contacting the dealer or manufacturer to see if they can make a version that breaks down into smaller parts. I know that Baudis will make 2 piece fuselages and multiple wing sections for any of his models if desired. For instance, the ASW 22 is available with a 2 piece fuselage and a 6 piece wing. I have the 6 piece wing and can attest that it flies and bends just like the 4 piece wing.

    Choco Fly ASW 17 has a removable fin and a 2 piece fuse is available.
    H Model Quintus is available with 2 piece fuse.
    AN 66 comes standard with 2 piece fuse and individually removable V-tails. Also available with a travel box that is sized to be used as checked luggage.
    Any Baudis model can be made with a 2 piece fuse.

    Choco Fly Apollo 46 Sports Class plane comes standard as multi-piece fuse and 3 piece wing that breaks down such that no part is more than 1.5 meters long.
    Rick Shelby
    Team Horizon

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    Here are a couple of more GPS Racers with 2-piece fuselages.

    #4: ASW-12
    The new 1:3-scale, 6.3-meter wingspan all-molded ASW-12 from Tecnoepoxy UAV is the latest model to come on the market for GPS Triangle racing. It has a 2-piece fuselage as standard, and is available with a custom-made carrying/shipping case. It is the latest GPS design by Philip Kolb. Available in the USA from Rosenthal Models USA (me!).

    List prices start at $5800.00 (canopy installed, instrument binnacle, seat pan, wiring and IDS Frames for wings. Options: installed retract, installed servos, installed Schambeck AFT19 up-and-go, installed FES drive, travel case. Pictures at:

    Production has just started with lead-times at 6 months - the first models will arrive in California in January 2020. Contact me if you want further details.

    Tomahawk Aviation 40% 7.7-meter ASG-32 Carbon for SLS class GPS racing. Available with color paint schemes like the full-scale version. Comes standard with 2-piece fuselage.
    Pricing starts at $5900.00 for basic kit. Available in the USA from Rosenthal Models USA (me!). One model with Red color scheme, Tobcon Sky High 3 up-and-go, full cockpit, and WEMO FES retract installed has just arrived in the USA. You can see it at the Visalia Fall Aerotow (October 16~18: this weekend) or at the Cumberland Fall event November 4-8, 2020).

    Also available from Rosenthal Models USA are the ChocoFly ASW-17S and Schambeck (AN-66) models.

    Click image for larger version

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    Bruce DeVisser
    Rosenthal Models USA


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      #6: ChocoFly 1:2 7.5m Diana 2 with 2-piece fuselage and 4-piece wing. Will be at Cumberland next week.