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  • Snipe USB Cable

    The Snipe has an odd cable which has a micro-usb male connector on both ends. A micro-usb connector has 5 pins. I picked up a few MicroUSB breakout boards to plug both ends of the cable in and check how things were connected with an ohm meter. There is the usual ground, +5V, Data+ and Data-. The Snipe cable also makes use of the 5th pin which is sense. The extra pin is connected to ground on both ends of the cable. It is an odd cable and I don't think anyone would sell one. The USB OTG cable is the closest, but it probably only has the sense pin connected to ground on one end of the cable. Not both ends of the cable.

    If you want to make your own cable

    And these are good to help test your cable.

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    Using the parts referenced above I have now fixed the cable that came with my Snipe. It had gotten so loose that it would no longer stay connected to the Snipe. I also bought an 8" micro USB OTG cable and removed the insulation from the end opposite the "Host". As Mike surmised the sense pin was not connected to ground on that end. It was relatively simple to add a solder bridge to ground and now it works just like the cable from RC Electronics. If anyone has a cable that is getting too loose you can contact me and I can supply a custom length cable that will work. Or you can do it yourself but it is quite fiddly with the parts being so small.

    I have not been able to find a ready made cable other than the RC Electronics part that is micro USB "Host" on both ends. Many of the RC Electronics cables are fine but some have weak pins inside the connector which causes the looseness.
    Rick Shelby
    Team Horizon