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  • GPS Triangle FPV I really like the idea of the GPS triangle racing but it is a lot of work trying to see the sailplane at 500 meters or more. One of the objects of the racing is to simulate the type of soaring done in full scale. So I had this crazy idea to add FPV equipment to the sailplane and see if it was practical for GPS triangle. You have a spotter so that is a good start. Just in the last week DJI has made available their new HD FPV video system. The total onboard camera and transmitter weight is 45 grams. I power it from the balance plug on one of my flight batteries. The only thing necessary to use it under the canopy was to add cooling fans. The video in the goggles is just like the video you see here. It is 720P 120 frames per second. The published video range is 2.4 miles.

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    Team PowerBox Systems Americas... If flying were the language of men, soaring would be its poetry.


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      This is exactly what i mentioned to Len when I tried his GPS plane in Cumberland, if only you could use FPV and superimpose the 3 turn points on the Horizon, surly someone is working on this!



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        Beautiful Vedic! Amazed at the clarity through the canopy! Exciting concept. Joe

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      Hey Larry,
      I'm late to the party here but that's exactly the type of FPV system I've been looking for. I've been flying for a while with a GoPro mounted inside the canopy (yeah, great view!) but although I can post-process and add all kinds of overlay data after the fact, it's not realtime video. (ex.:

      One thing I wasn't clear about: Can this system be used with your own radio system? The DJI website for this product isn't entirely clear but appears to imply that it works with "their" transmitter setup. Please tell us a bit more about your radio and FPV setup!! Exactly what DJI products are needed here? I'm hoping this FPV system is entirely independent of our usual Tx/Rx system. Oh, any idea what frequencies they use for the video downlink?

      Also do you know if there are any overlays offered with this system and, if so, what sensors it can connect to? The ideal glider FPV system would plug into "standard" sensors (like those offered by many of our radio vendors, not to mention the GPS sensors) and have some nice overlays including altitude, position and vario, but I don't think such a system exists yet.

      Thanks for sharing!!
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        Hi Rick,

        I am using the DJI FPV system without their controller. My radio system is Spektrum. The DJI system is on 5.8 ghz so there is no interference with our standard 2.4 systems.

        I am currently flying the ASH 31 with a full scale 3 1/8" combination airspeed, vertical speed and altimeter. I will try to post a link to a flight using it. I have since moved it up in the canopy and it is even easier to see. The DJI system has some on screen display information such as time voltage, and quality of video link. Other information can be displayed using a Betaflight flight controller for multirotors. We have all of the overlays including return to home arrows available on Betaflight but they are not implemented on the DJI system yet but I think they will be.


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          Here is a link to an early flight with the onboard airspeed, altimeter and verticalspeed. Flying was much like flying a real aircraft. i will have the GPS info next.

          I have moved the instrument up in the panel and it is very easy to see while flying.


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            Thanks Larry! I like how you have realtime information with a REAL instrument! I don't think I would have thought of that, but a great solution. This is super interesting FPV technology and I'll definitely be keeping my eye on the DJI system, especially if they eventually add overlays useful for us glider pilots.

            Please keep us updated with how your system works out and if you use it for GPS racing!