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Baudis SZD-56-2 / Spektrum Telemetry...

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  • Baudis SZD-56-2 / Spektrum Telemetry...

    After ironing out range issues with a DX-18 / AR12310T, the airframe is now comfortable to fly out at extended range. However, I still have telemetry dropping out only a few hundred feet up and away. At present, with the Spektrum GPS / vario units, going cross-country or GPS racing is not going to cut it.

    Is there any way of augmenting this?

    Making sense of the vario and / or the GPS tones is confusing. Is there a guide? I frequently hear a constant tone that I don't understand, multiple / repeat announcements "GPS Acquired" along with the expected ascending / descending tone...which goes silent all too soon :^(


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    you need to mount gps with top of it facing up and in a clear line towards sky for best signal. also the feed back for telem to tx comes from the long whisker on the rx so i use a small plastic tube to guide it vertically in the fuse to enhance the sgnal projection. if this fails you may need to mount the rx near a fuse side in the plane and drill a small hole for the whisker to exit and clear tape it down.. all carbon blocks the signal of telem more than rx signals so be picky where and how you guide the whisker for best results back to the ground tx direction when in flight.........some rx's are pickier than others i find the power safe ones work best for telem and the 9020t and 9030t give me fits sometimes..........


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      Thanks, RX is an AR1230T. What sort of range are folks observing? FYI, it is both main RX antennas that broadcast telemetry...

      One other issue; ongoing low constant and annoying tone. I think I might have a handle on that by increasing descent delay. After all, I'm really only interesting in rising air.

      But if I have to start diddling with holes, where there is zero CF (front end is 2.4 friendly), I have to start questioning Spektrum's telemetry range performance. What other offerings out there have acceptable / adequate RF range?

      Thanks again...


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        Most of us in the US doing GPS triangle racing are using this system:


        Range is beyond what your eyes can see, even with a large 1:3 scale glider. Vario is responsive with a very listenable tone and total energy compensation.



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