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  • Salto H101 4m

    Long time glider pilot but new to this forum and long time member on RCGroups under fly-by-night, anyway have sold of most of my 2m and 3+m ships as I've been moving in the direction of larger scale models and have been flying Baudis Saltos for some time. Have a 4m Salto and looking for some guidance on the proper way to determine the proper settings for stall tape? Without sounding stupid as I might be off base completely but are they best on the bottom, top, full length of the ailerons what? Trying to max the tips from stalling on slow turns when the problem occurs. All my flying is of coastal cliff 160'+ if that help in the equation?


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    First welcome to the addiction Steve, I too am an addict. Others may step in here, but typically stall (turbulator) tape is applied on the side of the surface generating lift. On a wing that would typically be on the top. I have seen it applied on the underside of a horizontal tail as well, since it is generating lift in the downward vector. Also, some gliders use it on the outside of winglets, probably to assist in drag reduction. For specific fore/aft positioning I have seen in some writings that between 10-30% of wing chord is where most have settled the positioning for wing turbulators. Those same write-ups state that experimentation is expected, unless it is an airfoil developed to use turbulators. Years ago Soartech published some very good data on wind tunnel results for modeling airfoils at our Reynolds numbers and they did some experiments with turbulators during the testing.