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Flying in Salem CT

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  • Great day in Salem today......good weather, wind down the runway, and occasional clouds.

    Lots of thermals and great flights.

    Many thanks to Len and Scot for all the tows !


    • WOW.... On my goodness.
      What a day today was, ( Monday ) July 3

      Today Scot, me and Gunny where there to fly in PERFECT weather. Warm, sunny and beautiful sky. Lift was crazy. The Quintus was my sailplane of choice today with Scot flying his Arcus while Gunny guided his 1/3 scale 2-33 from thermal to thermal.

      At one point, the Quintus was just about in the landing pattern when we hooked a thermal and took it up to about 3000 ft. Crazy lift!!!

      Thanks to all that came out to fly with us over the last three day, and thanks to Bob and Gunny for Lunch's

      Team Horizon Hobby


      • Thanks guys for the invite and tows.... I had a total blast! Monday was the best of the weekend.


        • Any towing in the forecast ??


          • Don - There will be a brief session on Sunday from 10 to about 1 mostly to have Pit Crew Len tune the carbs on my Bidules. I think Bob Morrow may be planning to stay longer with his tug.
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