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Spacewalker 1/3 for Tug Duty ?

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  • Spacewalker 1/3 for Tug Duty ?

    Hey Guys,

    I have been asked if the Spacewalker would be a good tug and what I’d recommend for power.

    My my first thought is the Fg-61t with maybe a 22 or 23x8 which as near as I can tell would give about 31-35lb thrust and 50-52mph pitch speed.

    He is learning sailplanes and aerotow but flys warbirds with us every week so he’s not a new pilot. Think normal sport pilot.

    Also, he has the Spacewalker and was going to do more warbird builds until he flew at our first aerotow event (FAT Fest) last fall. Now he’s excited.

    This would be a multi use plane for him. He could fly Scale, aerotow, and Giant Scale events with it. So not high usage as a tug but it needs to work well when he needs it for a few days a year.

    My concern is it slightly too fast? I don’t think of a Spacewalker as a STOL aircraft.

    Thoughts on the engine, speed range, and if you’ve seen one used as a tug ?

    Thanks for any insight.


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    Sal Isili used one on Long Island with a 3w 75 in it for years. He said it was a great tug overall. Landing speeds were good. I never saw it in action but I think it might have been used in the Elmira aero towing events in the late 90's.


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      Thanks Gunny11,

      That’s terrific input. I’ll take all the reports or info I can get. I’m hoping he’ll be pulling me up next year!



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        I have been using a 1/3rd scale space walker with a Brisson 80 cc twin for years. It is very stable and can handle up to 5 meter ships if a scale like does much better with smaller 4 meter stuff...I beefed up the firewall area with fiberglass and epoxy to keep things together...also could not get a cowl to fit, so run the engine out in the open...using 5.5 inch Bubro wheels for clearance on the 24 x 12 inch prop...had custom landing gear made up by "cub landing gear" out in Oregon that is functional with bungee lines providing the shock absorption .....
        sweet is my "small tow plane" as primary is 108% Pegasus with DA-150 for the big stuff...
        Hope your project turns out...I have soft spot for Space Walkers..


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          Thanks Kevin!

          You guys have given me exactly the info I was looking for to help him.

          Now we we have to sit down and see how he wants to proceed.

          With the power levels you’re putting into the Spacewalker I would look hard at the Fg-90r3 if this were for me but not sure if he’d go that way. There are options from the RotoMotor 85 and Saito Fg-61 or the twin 2 strokes.

          Love the custom gear idea.

          Time do our guzintas and see where he wants to go with this project.

          Thanks again for for your input !!



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            Click image for larger version

Name:	Spacewalker.jpg
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            A Spacewalker as a tow plane? Yes! I too have a 1/3 scale SW that I have been towing with for years. Many many flights towing gliders with this plane. Powered by a Zenoah G-62!



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              Cool shot Tim !

              You guys ROCK !!

              I have search in many different ways to find Spacewalker tugs on Googles and YouTubes and there are a few but very few that show up.

              I would invite anyone with pics, photos, or other 1/3 Spacewalker tugs to post any and all info on this thread.

              The friend I was asking for has settled on the Saito Fg-61 twin. It will tow all the sailplanes he knows of locally and be very cool to fly when not towing. It's not over the top and he can enjoy learning with it.

              Keep the Spacewalker stuff coming !!


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	thumbnail_IMG_20160227_135504935[1].jpg
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ID:	21691 This is the best photo I have of my Brisson twin 80cc Space Walker. Tim Mattsson (mosquito) was the one who got me to copy his Space Walker for towing...I think a DA-70 might even be better since that engine would be lighter weight etc. these are very stable much like the Popular Pawnee by H9


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	thumbnail_IMG_20160227_145743145[1].jpg
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ID:	21693 Tim's and my space walker and ASW-27 and a 29


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                    Space Waker

                    Click image for larger version

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                    Len Buffinton
                    Team Horizon Hobby


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                      Forgot his name but he just died yesterday, first astronaut to take a tether less space walk with jet assist!

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                      Bruce McCandless

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                    He’s going to need a long tow line!

                    lol..... Spacewalker or Space Walker....

                    ”Hotdog Buns” or “Hot Dog Buns” 😳😳


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                      I had the opportunity to maiden two of the 1/3-scale Sig Spacewalkers about 15 years ago. A gentleman in our local club built them and they were not only gorgeous, but were also a dream to fly. Had not considered them as tow planes, but now that I think about it, they should work well...

             I want one!!!!
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                        I have a beauty sitting in the Hangar Jim.
                        1/3 scale, went to the Scale Masters Competition and did very well.

                        Needs a home
                        Len Buffinton
                        Team Horizon Hobby


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                          Pictures Len????