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Aviation Concepts 1/3-scale Schweizer 2-33 ~ Build Thread by JimD

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    Excerpt from my Aviation Concepts Rc FAQ page..

    .What glues do you recomend?
    Gluing together hardwood pieces ie. Bass, spruce and birch ply. Because these pieces are very dense it is recommended that you drill multiple tiny dimpled holes in both adjoining pieces. For general glue joints like this I like to use thick CA glue. Also, when gluing these pieces together with epoxy do not clamp parts so tight together that the glue squeezes out of the joint. You will have a weak bond.
    Other glues used.
    If you are a fan of aliphatic wood glue then Tite Bond II is the best glue for all general construction. Except for joining wing skin sheets together and gluing on the L.E. It is hard to sand and leaves a ridge. For these I like using the aliphatic wood glue from the makers of Gorilla Glue. It dries faster and sands really easy.
    For attaching the wing skins to the structure I found the foaming Gorilla Glue works best. It gives you more working time to lay down the glue onto all those ribs. The other aliphatic glues skins over way too soon.
    Medium CA glue is my favorite for all other balsa general construction, while thin CA is primarily used to harden pre-threaded screw holes in wood.


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      Did you ever finish this airplane, Jim?


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        My build got stalled in the spring of last year. It got restarted with the scale interior (which I documented in a separate thread). This is a short kit, which means the balsa wing skins and some stick wood is not included. I purchased sheeting and spars but was not impressed with the quality of the wood. Since the spruce spars I initially ordered were so bad, I switched to basswood and was able to get decent quality. Gunny then suggested his preferred source for sheeting, Specialized Balsa.

        After having a bad experience with the wing skins on my 1/4-scale, I wanted this one to go smoothly, so it remains stalled in my "think building" department. Meantime, I have built two Hangar 9 Decathlons, four Bidules, and four other full kits while continuing to think about the 2-33...but...Recently, I officially ordered new wood for the wing skins!

        Gunny is considering offering a complete kit version so the builder does not have to struggle with finding the necessary wood to finish the kit. I have encouraged him to do this, or, at least offer a wood kit as an accessory to the short kit.
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          Gotcha.....I have a “couple” of those kind of projects myself!

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        Jim - Way back in this thread... What gauge are the metal straps for the wing spar attachments, and the bar stock for the strut ends? I've had to make similar fittings for my T21 (1:3.5 scale) and can't decide how thick it should be. My first attempt was fairly flexible.
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          I designed the straps using 13 gauge which is 3/32" or .09375" thick brass or steel. The square strut ends is 5/16" in steel or aluminum. The connection bolts between the two is 6-32 socket head cap screw.

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          Thanks Gunny.

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        Was doing some model maintainence on my sailplanes and 1/3 scale 2-33. I added a brass eye screw between the tow release and the push bar. Reason for this is to retrieve the glider off the runway super fast with your leash when another sailplane is just seconds away from occupying the same spot on the ground! This is a definition of an accident!
        A clearance hole is drilled through the fiberglass nose cone but the screw part is threaded into the 3/8" thick ply keel extension that is just behind it.
        Click image for larger version

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          These 1/3 scale kits are back in stock! Building season is upon us now!