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    i have had a 1/3 glass fuselage that I got almost a decade ago for the Habicht and have done nothing with it yet. When I finish my current build (ASK-14 motor glider) I am thinking about finally getting into the Habicht. I have a set of 1/4 scale plans from Wil Byers but they aren’t that accurate. Does anyone have an idea of drawings closer to true scale? If I have to I’ll draw them myself using the 1/4 scale plans as a rough outline. Since Pete Goldsmith’s 1-26 flies so well I may use the SD-3021 airfoil he used as it’s mostly flat bottom and will blend in well with the wing root on my fuselage plus it’s easy to build.

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    Try the Vintage Sailplane Association. I'm working off the full scale drawings for the Ka-3 that they had in .tff format. They might have what your looking for at modest donation. Check with Neal Pfeiffer. Besides he is in the process of two 12-1 ASK-14 restorations at the moment.
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      Thanks Gene. The current VSA plans list dont show a Habicht, I may contact Gary Fogel to see what he knows. And on a positive note, I find that I can post photos here again, I’ve figured out that the camera I WAS using needs to be thrown in the trash, it was a piece of cake to put a photo on the site with my iPhone. I’ll be able to contribute more now.
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        Happy to have you back Dennis. We miss your expertise!!
        Len Buffinton
        Team Horizon Hobby


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          Same here Dennis...hope to see you in June..


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            I’m hoping to be there. I’m waiting for a quote on replacing a part of the HVAC in my rental property, hopefully it doesn’t drain my travel funds.