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  • GPS Triangle FPV I really like the idea of the GPS triangle racing but it is a lot of work trying to see the sailplane at 500 meters or more. One of the objects of the racing is to simulate the type of soaring done in full scale. So I had this crazy idea to add FPV equipment to the sailplane and see if it was practical for GPS triangle. You have a spotter so that is a good start. Just in the last week DJI has made available their new HD FPV video system. The total onboard camera and transmitter weight is 45 grams. I power it from the balance plug on one of my flight batteries. The only thing necessary to use it under the canopy was to add cooling fans. The video in the goggles is just like the video you see here. It is 720P 120 frames per second. The published video range is 2.4 miles.

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    Team PowerBox Systems Americas ............ If flying were the language of men, soaring would be its poetry.


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      This is exactly what i mentioned to Len when I tried his GPS plane in Cumberland, if only you could use FPV and superimpose the 3 turn points on the Horizon, surly someone is working on this!



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        Beautiful Vedic! Amazed at the clarity through the canopy! Exciting concept. Joe