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  • Coming to an RC field near you…

    We just got notice that Visalia is now restricted to 200 feet for probably the rest of the year, the club, FAA, AMA and local airports are working together as EVERY AMA flying site will HAVE to eventually do to make it legal to get a 2000 foot waver. Like or not, this will be happening at your favorite flying site. Wanna buy a BIG glider?????

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    Full email from Tim. He does a very nice job describing their process and status. I don't think he'd mind the share since the Visalia group distribution is large...


    As you know back in 2018 the FAA issued new mandates for altitude limits for Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS) in controlled airspace. The CVRC flying field is within that controlled airspace in proximity to Visalia Municipal Airport. CVRC board members have just, this morning, joined and completed a Safety Risk Management (SRM) panel Zoom meeting to ask for a 2,000 ft AGL altitude flying clearance for our flying site.

    After 5 hours of talks about risks to manned aircraft and mitigations to reduce that risk, it was decided by the panel to approve our request to fly to 2,000 ft AGL with certain mitigating actions to be implemented as well as a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with Visalia Municipal Airport and Fresno Air Terminal. Tyler Dobbs from the Academy of Model Aeronautics, who has helped many other RC clubs through this process, was present and helped us get the approval, however, the LOA has not yet been drafted and signed, this paperwork process will take approximately two months to complete. Tyler said that we should not hold any events with flying above 200 ft. till we get that document endorsed, as now we are on the FAA and Fresno's air traffic controls radar. If we are observed flying above the 200 ft. mandated ceiling before the LOA is implemented, we could lose our requested 2,000 ft. limit. Once it is implemented, CVRC can resume events as we have done in the past

    I am very sorry for the late notice. I was hopeful this would not affect the Aerotow. We are considering rescheduling this event for maybe January or February 2022, what do you guys think, will you come in the colder months to beautiful Visalia?

    Again, please accept my apologies for this, I know there will be many questions, so please let me know. I'll probably wait a few days before responding and then answer many questions in a group email. Don't worry, we'll all be flying together again real soon.


    Tim Johnson
    Team PowerBox Systems Americas... If flying were the language of men, soaring would be its poetry.


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      Thanks for posting the link Steve. Hopefully the process runs smoothly, our other CVRC club in the lower desert was one of the very first clubs in the nation to get this approval, but it took much longer than 2 months, it was near 18 months to get 2k. It’s scary when this happens at your main flying site. So I’ll be sailing RC sailboats this weekend, not sailplanes.