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Black Dirt One Day Aerotow - 30 July 2022

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  • Black Dirt One Day Aerotow - 30 July 2022

    Jerry Radice and our pals at Black Dirt Squadron invite the scale soar heads for a one-day tow at their spectacular flying field, Saturday, July 30. We'll plan to start flying around 9:30 AM.

    This is a casual event to learn and get ready for the big 4-day tow in October. Not certain about parking configuration we will use or if a GPS course can be flown. If the breeze works, we hope to try out the new diagonal runway. Like the casual tows done at RC Propbusters, there will be others flying various sorts of airplanes during the day.

    PLEASE PM ME IF YOU'D LIKE TO ATTEND so I can have a feel for attendance

    Field address: 178 Indiana Rd, Goshen, NY 10924


    BYO lunch and beverages this is not a formal soaring event, again we are guest of the club for the day so others may be flying.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	101.5 KB ID:	48054
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    So are we still on for Saturday the 30th? The weather outlook appears fine for next Saturday.


    • Steve P
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      We and it are ON

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    Hi, I'm planning on being there too. Mike are you good at making the GPS courses? We need to make a new one for this. I've never done it on the Albatross, only on the T3000.



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      Here is a triangle that sits right in the middle of the runways and the long side runs parallel to the road. Most of the triangle would be facing north so it should not be a problem with looking into the sun. Since it runs over the field, you will probably be starting laps over 150M so it should mostly be out of the way for any model traffic. You should be able to cross the start finish line on approaches for the traditional runway or for the new runway.

      If it is open for normal flying, will we have pilots stations to contend with? Where would they be located?

      I had to stick the file into a zip file to get it to upload since scalesoaring doesn't know with a .rct file is

      . Black

      Task looks like this.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Black Dirt Albatross.jpg Views:	0 Size:	46.6 KB ID:	48170

      Text in the black dirt RCT file.
      T:Black Dirt,41.339699,-74.431503,116,123,500,500,120,20,30
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        I just got my GPS gear and the last BD event held was the second time I had it out.

      • Steve P
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        Gotcha. I’m trying to do my best to get an event established back at this site with new club leadership, a new field configuration, and a cranky landowner to the west.

      • mlachow
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        Is the cranky landowner the reason for the new runway direction? Or do they just have some crops that have people working in the field more often.

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      thanks much Mike! See ya there


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        Hey Mike , that zip is not opening for me and saying Invalid Page URL. I'll send you my email in a PM if you could please send there. thanks a mill Matt


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          Right now the forecast looks great for testing the new runway direction.


          • hello82
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            Looking forward to new GPS track too! Download now worked. thank you Mike!
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          The current confirmed “in” list…
          - Jerry R
          - Steve P
          - Harvinder S
          - Chris E
          - Mike L
          - Thomas R
          - Don S
          - Conio S
          - Matt L
          - Bob M
          - Bob D
          - Roger K
          - Roger P
          - Tom M
          - Ned B
          - Steve R
          - John attending to check it out

          Please let me know if you plan on attending
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            Van is being packed. Optimized for minimum setup time since it's one day. Basically what I can take with the tail attached.


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              They don't call it "black dirt" for nothing.

              I had a great day despite the "tornado" taking out T-HEVY. I'll get her fixed. Thanks for the tows & the great company.

              Click image for larger version

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              Nodd - Chris Evans


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                Lol Chris, I was wearing sandals too and did not notice how bad they looked until I got home . Never got kicked out of the dinner joint though either !

                thanks Jerry and Steve for hosting and all the tow guys! Always fun and trying gps triangles . Good to see everyone .



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                  thanks to Steve and Jerry for setting this up. It was a great day at a great site. Some damage but it is on the way to being repaired. You had to be there for that gust of wind, no one would believe the power and the carnage in just 30 seconds.

                  Thanks to Black Dirt Squadron for sharing their facility.


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                    Thanks to everyone who came out to help restore Black Dirt as a soaring site! Jerry and the club guys have been just fantastic over the past few months. Huge thanks too to Jerry, Len and Roger for helping with the towing duties. And, there were doughnuts!

                    Jerry and I hope to do these casual one-day things a couple times next year. With Black Dirt, Newtown and Salem available for occasional towing, hopefully we can keep aerotow alive and growing in the region. I deeply appreciate everyone's support.

                    The club hopes to have all the site alterations, buildings moved, new parking lot, etc. done in time for the October aerotow event. We really do need to make a good showing for that if we hope to have it on the annual calendar. Here is the link: I know gas and hotels are out of sight right now, but we've gotta really turn out for Friday and Saturday at the very least.

                    Enjoy the rest of the summer. Looking forward to seeing many of you in August at Windy Ridge and September at Sky High! Then right back at Black Dirt October 6-9.


                    PS: Wash your feet!
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                    Team PowerBox Systems Americas... If flying were the language of men, soaring would be its poetry.