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JRPROPO T14 x 4 vs older JR XG14

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  • JRPROPO T14 x 4 vs older JR XG14

    I picked up a new JR T14 X 4 off on black friday when they had a lower price plus a 10% discount. The programming ans software version is identical to the XG14. Programs transferred just fine. They did change the antenna. It is a little bit longer than the XG14 antenna, probably the same one the XG8 used. The one big change is the stick assembly. The XG14 was the older 12X stick and the new radio has the 28X sticks. There are a lot more adjustments possible with the stick. For me, the one nice part is the stick works with all the older stick ends. The 12X and XG14 were kind of odd and required a stick machined a little differently Fortunately I kept some old knurled sticks that I really liked and I can use them on the T14. The only other curiosity is some carbon fibre looking textured stick on bits that they apply to the bottom, side, and front of the transmitter. I guess some might think it is cool looking, but it just looks like a dust magnet to me.

    Why did I get a new radio? Mostly because my XG14's are over 5 years old and they have a lot of flying on them as well as some trips to California and the wonderful dust you pick up out there. I also had plenty of airline time.

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    Adding the 28x sticks to the XG14 platform is a perfect combination. I previously had a 28x just for the scale stuff (with no backup radio) plus a pair of XG14s for everything else. Got to be a hassle with different radios/chargers, moving tools between TX cases depending on which was being taken, etc. So, I downsized the fleet to an upgraded T14x4 for everything and an XG14 as backup.