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  • Ash-26

    Hello everyone
    My name is Roger
    I ,m looking for information regarding radio set up including camber settings for my recently purchased Let Model ASH-26 6m carbon 2 piece wing version. Also what is the minimum flying speed before stalling?

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    Hi Roger San,

    Welcome to the forum,

    In order to help you what type of radio are you flying with and what do you want to achieve with camber, full trailing edge camber or just programming camber on inner flaps.

    As far as stalling speed, not sure but I could say that burt has one and it need quite a lot of camber to calm down the temper of this LET ASH-26. This plane has a very broad range of speed.

    Horizon Hobby Team Member


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      Hello Stephane
      Thank-you for your reply
      The radio that I am using is the Futaba 16sz.
      As to my camber question I am looking to have full TE camber settings for thermalling and also butterfly mixing for some aerobatics.
      I also would like to fly the ASH on the slope. What type of wind speed would be required.
      I am originally from Vancouver Canada ,being living in Japan for the last 20 years
      Thank-you in advanced


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        Lucky you to be able to fly such a beautiful ship on a slope

        As far as programming futaba, I will let other user chiming in as I do not know these radio, I am sure that someone in the audience can help.

        For launching this sailplane on a slope, it depend mainly of your strength...

        I am 45 year old and can throw myself a 1/3 scale in 10Km/h wind, the more the better but after it is usually gusty so it is difficult to keep wings level. Slope need to be going down significantly as the model gaining speed will lose altitude 10-20m

        the safest way is to have someone else launching it for you, but you need to trust...

        the very safe way is to use a bungee, 10m length with a hook about under the knees of the pilot, so your heading is predictable and you are sure you will leave ground with the required speed to fly ...

        I need to find back some link and videos

        BTW is it an ocean cliff, a grassy slope or a high altitude slope that you are trying to take off from?

        Horizon Hobby Team Member


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          Hi Roger,

          What area of Japan are you in? Do you have any Scale Glider friends to fly with? I know some fellows in the greater Tokyo area.