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My studio...what I do besides build planes

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  • My studio...what I do besides build planes

    Unlike some of you I don't have engineering background or have background in aviation. But after all I have done I have to say...I'd rather be building and flying. Still not retired enough.
    The link below will explain. Watch the video tour of the shop.
    I'd love to know what some of you have done or are doing now.

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    Nice Steve.
    looks like a lot of fun too.

    Len Buffinton
    Team Horizon Hobby


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      Yes... very cool! I saw Tribbles in your chair! They're trouble!

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    It is but right now at this moment I'm working on m K8


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      Steve, I am not an engineer nor am I a full size aircraft pilot. Do I have an analytical mind yes and have I been interested in aviation yes as well and as long as I can remember. Also, I did because of those interests work in some form of aviation business most of my adult life. At one time in the 70’s I thought of learning to fly full size, but it was too costly for me at the time. But, flying full size one cannot watch what you are flying at the same time.

      However, when in high school in the 60’s a neighbor learned I was interested in airplanes and RC models. He was an EE here in Dallas at Texas Instruments. They had a RC club and he flew RC powered airplanes with the club. I had tried control line, but was not very good at it. A circle or two and I took home mostly busted plastic, since I was flying Cox RTF’s as they now call them.

      When he learned that I was interested he told me what to buy, which I did from my paper route. I built my own transmitter from a kit and airframe as well. Then he helped me get the whole system tuned and performing as he knew what would work. After that he taught me how to fly it. Many adults at that time were not as successful although with his tutelage I was. I owe him a debt of gratitude since it is a hobby I have enjoyed all of my adult life as well.

      When I first saw RC soaring in the 70’s I became a RC soaring addict. It is awe inspiring what can be done with just the energy in the atmosphere. You have skills that I admire. To build models that can trick the eye is another type of skill, for which I do not have the neurological connections to do. Many of your skills learned just flying RC will roll over directly into RC soaring. One thing I do tell anybody that wants to learn how to fly gliders better is that they usually fly better the less you move the sticks, if they are properly trimmed. Once again welcome
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        I remember in the early sixties staying at my grandmothers in Marin county and there was this huge open field next to our house. All gone now, just a big parking lot for miles. But I digress. I would make rubber band airplanes and take them out there to fly. One day there was this guy there with a gas powered airplane, a huge box on the ground and another box in his hand. He was flipping switches to make the plane turn on his command. I swore to myself that one day I would do that.

        I had the same reaction when I first saw a radio controlled Submarine and low and behold I'm doing that too. But once again I digress.

        My background has always been just making things. If it did exist I'd make it myself. If the toy companies made a Star Trek toy and it didn't look right I'd build my own. I made my own creatures and even spock ears which one day lead to me actually making Spock's ears for Star Trek the Motion Picture.

        But always I went back to airplanes and even rockets. Something about the sky that beckons you.

        Around 1985 I had to often go to the local hobby shop to get servos and electronics for my movie creatures I made. I used the radios and the gear to make the faces and parts of the monsters move. But I was eyeballing the planes more hanging from the ceiling. I caved one day and got my first plane. A Carl Goldberg Eaglet and it was on. I learned to fly fixed wing and moved on to that first P-51.

        It wasn't long before I went to the slope and had a weekly diet of flying gliders. I seemed to like that more but then they closed down our slope because the locals complained about us and the noise from the airplane motors. Of course they made this up as glider don't have motors. Then I found another and they closed that one down too. Home owners complained we were hurting the environment, disturbing the birds and more. Oh well. so backed to power for many years until I got a Raidian. Loved it. It got me back into soaring right away. I then scratch built a Aquilia and found a place to slope near where I live now.

        Recently I lost interest in my jets and warbirds.

        Then I watched a video and saw these words in it: "If flying was the language of man, soaring would be it's poetry" Something snapped in me and I started soaring more and more. And the Gliders started to multiply and the warbirds and jets found new homes. I used the funds to build more gliders.

        I'm also building freeflight planes again. They are a marvel to behold.


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          Been gone for awhile but getting back to RC soaring. I rejoined CVRC and plane to get some towing experience starting in spring.